PFLUGERVILLE — Wrestlers from across east Texas descended on Pflugerville Weiss High School over the weekend seeking to punch their tickets to state.

Four Foster wrestlers rose above the rest to represent Lamar Consolidated ISD in Cypress this coming weekend for the Class 5A State Wrestling Championships at the Berry Center.

The two Falcons glad in Vegas Gold added more gold on Saturday.

Chidozie Nwankwo won the boys’ 285-pound division with wins over A&M Consolidated’s Kyle Greer (fall, 3:09), Carrollton Turner’s Nicholas Juarez (dec, 6-1), Princeton’s Dacarius Cook (fall, 3:08) and Carrollton Smith’s Daniel Ocampo (fall, 3:48).

Brahn Howard won the boys’ 182-pound division with victories over Houston Milby’s Esai Soto (fall, 1:09), Princeton’s Ethan Lopez (fall, 0:41), Georgetown’s Corbin Adams (fall, 4:56) and A&M Consolidated’s Alexis Vejar (fall, 1:43).

Taylor Rich finished third in the girls’ 215-pound division with a win by decision over Kirsten McBride of Waller (7-1).

Joshua Martinez earned fourth in the 220-pound division with a win over Lucas Lovejoy’s Austin Blair (fall, 3:52).

Lamar Consolidated’s top finisher was CJ Maduka in the 195-pound class.

Maduka lost by no contest in the fourth-place match but won the fifth-place match by sudden victory (14-5) over A&M Consolidated’s Liam Wallace.

Terry’s Travis LaChappelle finished sixth in the boys’ 106-pound class.

Foster boys finished in sixth place in the team standings with 93 points, Terry was 26th with 18.5 points and Lamar Consolidated was 27th with 18 points.

The Lady Falcons were 13th with 35 points while Lamar Consolidated was 27th with 10 points and Terry was 30th with seven points.

2020 Region III-5A wrestling Championships

Boys team results

1. College Station A&M Consolidated, 178.5; 2. Lucas Lovejoy, 145.5; 3. Carrollton Creekview, 111.0; 4. Carrollton Smith, 103.5; 5. Dallas Highland Park, 100.5; 6. Richmond Foster, 93.0; 7. Willis, 89.5; 8. Wylie East, 78.5; 9. Pflugerville Weiss, 75.0; 10. Conroe Caney Creek, 71.5; 11. Princeton, 70.5; 12. Friendswood, 63.5; 13. Katy Paetow, 61.0; 14. Waller, 58.5; 15. Conroe Grand Oaks, 48.0; 16. Houston Waltrip, 42.0; 17. Georgetown, 41.5; 18. McKinney North, 37.5; 18. Pflugerville, 37.5; 20. Melissa, 33.0; 21. New Waverly, 28.0; 22. Hutto, 27.0; 23. College Station, 22.5; 24. Winnsboro, 20.0; 25. Houston Milby, 19.0; 26. Rosenberg Terry, 18.5; 27. Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated, 18.0; 28. Huntsville, 17.0; 29. Houston North Forest, 15.0; 30. Houston Northside, 14.0; 31. Carrollton Turne, 9.0; 31. Humble Kingwood Park, 9.0; 33. Bryan Rudder , 7.0; 33. Georgetown East View, 7.0; 35. Houston Kashmere, 4.0; 36. Houston Madison, 3.0.

Boys individual results

106-pound: 1. Kenneth Hendriksen, Carrollton Creekview; 2. Gavin Word, College Station A&M Consolidated; 3. Cooper Chapman, Dallas Highland Park; 4. Joseph Price, Friendswood; 5. Matthew Korcuska, Conroe Grand Oaks; 6. Travis LaChappelle, Rosenberg Terry..

1st Place Match: Kenneth Hendriksen (Carrollton Creekview) 33-1, So. over Gavin Word (College Station A&M Consolidated) 31-9, Jr. (MD 18-5).

3rd Place Match: Cooper Chapman (Dallas Highland Park) 39-12, So. over Joseph Price (Friendswood) 15-12, Fr. (MD 8-0).

4th Place Match: Joseph Price (Friendswood) 15-12, Fr. over Matthew Korcuska (Conroe Grand Oaks) 30-14, Jr. (NC)

5th Place Match: Matthew Korcuska (Conroe Grand Oaks) 30-14, Jr. over Travis LaChappelle (Rosenberg Terry) 21-13, Jr. (Fall 4:59).

113-pound: 1. D`Andre Brown, Wylie East; 2. Parker Stafford, Dallas Highland Park; 3. Emmanuel VillaGomez, Conroe Caney Creek; 4. Nicholas Berumen, Carrollton Creekview; 5. Conner McFeely, Hutto; ; 6. Lauro Pino, Friendswood.

120-pound: 1. Ruben Ventura, Conroe Caney Creek; 2. Riley Thompson, McKinney North; 3. Adrian Martinez, Pflugerville Weiss; 4. Aztlan Martinez, Georgetown; 5. Conner George, College Station A&M Consolidated; 6. Jaden Bennett, Lucas Lovejoy.

126-pound: 1. Anthony Machorro, Carrollton Smith2. Tanutiuh Esquiva, Houston Waltrip3. Jacob Sanchez, College Station A&M Consolidated4. John Abney, Katy Paetow5. Jesse Jimenez, Conroe Caney Creek 6. Dalton Braun, Lucas Lovejoy.

132-pound: 1. Anthony Criscione, College Station A&M Consolidated; 2. Carmine Marino, Carrollton Smith; 3. Alex Evans, McKinney North; 4. Jack McKinney, Lucas Lovejoy; 5. Bryant Bailey, Hutto; 6. David Kline, Princeton..

138-pound: 1. Octavius Esquivel, Waller; 2. Hunter Duncan, Lucas Lovejoy; 3. Jacob Moreno, Pflugerville; 4. Coby Eikenhorst, Carrollton Creekview; 5. Skyler Murillo, Willis; 6. Carter Puckett, Dallas Highland Park.

145-pound: 1. Spencer Buchholz, Dallas Highland Park; 2. Zane Jackson, College Station A&M Consolidated; 3. Collin Hughes, Conroe Grand Oaks; 4. Isaiah Hunter, Lucas Lovejoy; 5. Mauricio Rodriguez, Pflugerville; 6. Joshua Thomas, Conroe Caney Creek..

152-pound: 1. Alex Vislosky, Lucas Lovejoy; 2. Josiah Bernhardt, Katy Paetow; 3. Aiden Collier, Willis; 4. Connor Morin, Carrollton Creekview; 5. Edward Stocker, Dallas Highland Park; 6. Angel Rojas, Waller..

160-pound: 1. Micah Wiginton, Pflugerville Weiss; 2. Emiliano Saucedo, Wylie East; 3. Chris Mapp, College Station A&M Consolidated; 4. Cameron Collier, Willis; 5. Joshua Wenger, College Station; 6. Nana Antwi, Richmond Foster.

1st Place Match: Micah Wiginton (Pflugerville Weiss) 40-1, Sr. over Emiliano Saucedo (Wylie East) 26-2, Jr. (Fall 2:00)

3rd Place Match: Chris Mapp (College Station A&M Consolidated) 45-13, Jr. over Cameron Collier (Willis) 29-4, Jr. (Dec 3-2)

4th Place Match: Cameron Collier (Willis) 29-4, Jr. over Joshua Wenger (College Station) 38-11, So. (NC)

5th Place Match: Joshua Wenger (College Station) 38-11, So. over Nana Antwi (Richmond Foster) 27-14, Sr. (Dec 5-1)

170-pound: 1. Jakob Underwood, Lucas Lovejoy; 2. Anthony Apodaca, Pflugerville Weiss; 3. Joshua King, Willis; 4. Joel Barrientos, Houston Waltrip; 5. Henry Hoy, Dallas Highland Park; 6. Almarion Johnson, Waller..

182-pound: 1. Brahn Howard, Richmond Foster; 2. Alexis Vejar, College Station A&M Consolidated; 3. Langston Mayrant, New Waverly; 4. Zeb Fulmer, Winnsboro; 5. Corbin Adams, Georgetown; 6. Dexler Williams, Houston North Forest; .

1st Place Match: Brahn Howard (Richmond Foster) 39-4, Sr. over Alexis Vejar (College Station A&M Consolidated) 36-5, Sr. (Fall 1:43)

3rd Place Match: Langston Mayrant (New Waverly) 53-3, Sr. over Zeb Fulmer (Winnsboro) 15-2, So. (Fall 2:08)

4th Place Match: Zeb Fulmer (Winnsboro) 15-2, So. over Corbin Adams (Georgetown) 33-10, Sr. (NC)

5th Place Match: Corbin Adams (Georgetown) 33-10, Sr. over Dexler Williams (Houston North Forest) 21-9, Jr. (MD 14-5)

195-pound: 1. Mason Ding, Carrollton Creekview; 2. Cain Brentnall, Princeton; 3. Tai White, Carrollton Smith; 4. Jeremiah Marquez, Katy Paetow; 5. Chijioke Maduka, Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated; 6. Liam Wallace, College Station A&M Consolidated..

1st Place Match: Mason Ding (Carrollton Creekview) 39-0, Jr. over Cain Brentnall (Princeton) 30-10, Jr. (Fall 0:57)

3rd Place Match: Tai White (Carrollton Smith) 26-16, So. over Jeremiah Marquez (Katy Paetow) 23-8, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

4th Place Match: Jeremiah Marquez (Katy Paetow) 23-8, Jr. over Chijioke Maduka (Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated) 14-5, Sr. (NC)

5th Place Match: Chijioke Maduka (Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated) 14-5, Sr. over Liam Wallace (College Station A&M Consolidated) 28-17, Sr. (SV-1 10-8)

220-pound: 1. Hayden Nofziger, Melissa; 2. Ryan Aamodt, Friendswood; 3. Sam Montoya, College Station A&M Consolidated; 4. Joshua Martinez, Richmond Foster; 5. Austin Blair, Lucas Lovejoy; 6. Isiah Whitfield, Houston Northside..

1st Place Match: Hayden Nofziger (Melissa) 25-2, Jr. over Ryan Aamodt (Friendswood) 29-4, Sr. (Fall 3:50)

3rd Place Match: Sam Montoya (College Station A&M Consolidated) 39-4, Sr. over Austin Blair (Lucas Lovejoy) 29-15, So. (SV-1 3-2)

4th Place Match: Joshua Martinez (Richmond Foster) 26-8, So. over Austin Blair (Lucas Lovejoy) 29-15, So. (Fall 3:52)

5th Place Match: Joshua Martinez (Richmond Foster) 26-8, So. over Isiah Whitfield (Houston Northside) 34-7, Sr. (Fall 2:22)

285-pound: 1. Chidozie Nwankwo, Richmond Foster; 2. Daniel Ocampo, Carrollton Smith; 3. Dacarius Cook, Princeton; 4. Daimian Ruiz, Houston Milby; 5. Ben Davis, Wylie East; 6. Sean Dietrich, Humble Kingwood Park..

1st Place Match: Chidozie Nwankwo (Richmond Foster) 18-0, Sr. over Daniel Ocampo (Carrollton Smith) 47-14, Jr. (Fall 3:48)

3rd Place Match: Dacarius Cook (Princeton) 27-5, Sr. over Daimian Ruiz (Houston Milby) 14-4, Jr. (Fall 1:41)

4th Place Match: Daimian Ruiz (Houston Milby) 14-4, Jr. over Ben Davis (Wylie East) 8-8, Sr. (NC)

5th Place Match: Ben Davis (Wylie East) 8-8, Sr. over Sean Dietrich (Humble Kingwood Park) 37-15, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

Girls team results

1. Carrollton Turner, 103.02. Waller, 99.0; 3. Houston Northside, 96.0; 4. Carrollton Creekview, 81.0; 4. College Station, 81.0; 4. Princeton, 81.0; 7. Houston Kashmere, 69.0; 8. Katy Paetow, 61.0; 8. Lucas Lovejoy, 61.0; 10. Humble Kingwood Park, 60.5; 11. New Waverly, 55.0; 12. Bryan Rudder, 40.0; 13. Friendswood, 35.0; 13. Richmond Foster, 35.0; 15. Willis, 29.0; 16. Conroe Caney Creek, 28.0; 17. Hutto, 27.0; 18. Houston Waltrip, 25.0; 19. College Station A&M Consolidated, 24.0; 19. Pflugerville, 24.0; 21. Houston Milby, 23.0; 22. Huntsville, 21.0; 23. Carrollton Smith, 20.0; 23. Pflugerville Weiss, 20.0; 25. Melissa, 18.0; 26. Anna, 13.0; 27. Conroe Grand Oaks, 10.0; 27. Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated, 10.0; 29. Cameron Yoe, 9.0; 30. Rosenberg Terry, 7.0; 31. Georgetown, 4.0.

Girls individual results

95-pound: 1. Kelly Reyes of Carrollton Turner; 2. Riley Morrison of Princeton; 3. Sydney Perez of College Station A&m Consolidated; 4. Bailey Jarvis of Friendswood; 5. Victoria Bautista of Anna; 6. Sabrina Chavarria of Houston Milby.

102-pound: 1. Avery Ashley of Lucas Lovejoy; 2. Mia Uvaldo of Carrollton Turner; 3. Brittney Galindo of Katy Paetow; 4. Avery Campbell of Carrollton Creekview; 5. Emely Jimenez of Waller; 6. Angelina Gamez of Conroe Grand Oaks.

110-pound: 1. Katherine Heath of Lucas Lovejoy; 2. Sadie Maddin of New Waverly; 3. Valeria Davila of Waller; 4. Emily Huber of College Station; 5. Kenia Gonzalez of Carrollton Turner; 6. Leila Garza of Houston Milby.

119-pound: 1. Leslie Cuevas of Waller; 2. Shelbi Baker of Carrollton Creekview; 3. Ariana Rodriguez of College Station; 4. Marcela Moreno of Carrollton Smith; 5. Alicia Brown of Houston Northside; 6. Charis Vela of Lucas Lovejoy.

128-pound: 1. Alexandria Melendrez of Houston Northside; 2. Anna Vargas of Willis; 3. Maya Khabbaz of Pflugerville Weiss; 4. Anastasia Guerra of College Station; 5. Ashlee Flatt of Princeton; 6. Alina Mourning of Katy Paetow.

138-pound: 1. Maddie Sandquist of Humble Kingwood Park; 2. Daniella Brown of Houston Northside; 3. Julie Cano Duenos of Pflugerville; 4. Veronica Venegas of Carrollton Creekview; 5. Zanya Walker of Katy Paetow; 6. Lilly Rogers of Melissa.

148-pound: 1. Alana Curl of New Waverly; 2. Heaven Johnson of Houston Northside; 3. Linda Marroquin of Conroe Caney Creek; 4. Emily Flatt of Princeton; 5. Meagan Alexis of Houston Waltrip; 6. Mackenzie Lloyd of Katy Paetow.

165-pound: 1. Makia English of Bryan Rudder; 2. Victoria Craft of Hutto; 3. Angela Guy of Houston Kashmere; 4. Melanie Morales of Carrollton Creekview; 5. Venecia Weaver of Carrollton Turner; 6. Lily Eager of College Station.

185-pound: 1. Sierra Hall of Waller; 2. Emma Lozada of Princeton; 3. Lexi Shannon of Humble Kingwood Park; 4. Alex Guerra of College Station; 5. Mekala Haynes of Houston Kashmere; 6. Faith Livington of Houston Northside.

215-pound: 1. Samyra Thomas of Houston Kashmere; 2. Domiqnesha Delaney of Carrollton Turner; 3. Taylor Rich of Richmond Foster; 4. Kirsten McBride of Waller; 5. Gabby Norman of Humble Kingwood Park; 6. Anika Vasquez of Houston Waltrip.

1st Place Match: Samyra Thomas (Houston Kashmere) 8-0, So. over Domiqnesha Delaney (Carrollton Turner) 12-12, Jr. (Fall 2:19)

3rd Place Match: Taylor Rich (Richmond Foster) 25-9, So. over Kirsten McBride (Waller) 23-12, Jr. (Dec 7-1)

4th Place Match: Kirsten McBride (Waller) 23-12, Jr. over Gabby Norman (Humble Kingwood Park) 31-12, So. (Fall 3:39)

5th Place Match: Gabby Norman (Humble Kingwood Park) 31-12, So. over Anika Vasquez (Houston Waltrip) 5-12, Fr. (Fall 4:04)

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