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High school cross country - District 24-5A

Foster, Fulshear split team titles at 24-5A meet

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District champion

Fulshear senior Zakary Sury won the District 24-5A boys cross country championship with a time of 17 minutes and three seconds. 

Weather halted the completion of the entire 2021 District 24-5A Cross Country Championships, but the varsity teams were able to get their run in at Seabourne Creek Nature Park in Rosenberg on Thursday.

The two teams separated by 10 miles on FM 359 dominated the district standings: Foster and Fulshear.

For the girls’ race, it was a banner day for the black and gold. Foster took the top three spots with junior Mickayla Tosch winning the event with a time of 19 minutes and 40.8 seconds. Fellow Lady Falcons followed by junior Kaitlyn Walsh was second with a time of 19:58.9 and freshman Grace Gholson was third in a time of 20:09.8.

All seven of Foster’s runners were in the top 11 including freshman Jordan Tosch in fifth place (21:48.4), senior Ashley Bell in eighth (22:03.0), junior Samantha Doherty in ninth place (22:07.3) and sophomore Anna Janecek was 11th overall (22:19.1).

Fulshear was second in the team standings with freshman Ami Quiroz grabbing the Chargers’ top time of 20:44.1 for fourth place.

The Chargers runners were all in the Top 20 including senior Mikaela Lopez in sixth (21:53.6), sophomore Kamoria Reese in seventh place (21:55.1), freshman Zoe Nowak in 13th (22:33.3), sophomore Aspen Boyd (22:33.3) in 15th place and Jessica Bilewski in 18th place (24:11.8).

Terry beat out Angleton for third place in the team standings with 77 points. The Lady Rangers were led by sophomore Betsy Hernandez in 12th place (22:24.8), freshman Mariana Erazo in 14th place (22:30.2), freshman Alcia Martinez in 17th place (24:07.0), sophomore Alejadra Flores 20th (24:39.3) and senior Yolda Martinez 27th (26:07.1).

Emilee McCoy was the first runner to break the streak of Foster and Fulshear runners in the girls race. The Kempner senior was 10th overall with a time of 22:10.4, and her teammates junior Elyssa Rodarte (16th, 23:47.3), freshman Haley Finley (23rd, 25:00.1) and senior Menya Bird (24th, 25:09.3) were in the top 25.

Hightower had three girls that finished the race including junior Kamara Hutchins (19th, 24:17.7), Alexia Morgan (26th, 25:53.7) and junior Jasmine Winakur (29th, 27:24.3).

Willowridge’s lone runner, sophomore Illona Gabaut-Diziere, finished 28th with a time of 27:10.5

For the boys, it was all about the purple and black. Fulshear had the top two runners.

Senior Zakary Sury won the district title with a time of 17:03.0, and senior teammate Celso Pacheco was second overall with a time of 17:22.2.

The Chargers had four additional runners in the Top 15 including senior Jacobi Adelizzi (6th, 17:48.1), junior Tyler Browning (8th, 17:54.8), junior Noel Garcia (9th, 18:07.8) and junior Kai Latiolais (14th, 19:12.2).

Junior Avran Arrieta rounded out the Chargers times with 20:59.1 for 34th place.

Foster was second overall with six runners in the Top 25. Sophomore Brady LaMothe (4th, 17:45.3), sophomore Will Davis (5th, 17:46.3) junior Jeremey Hines (10th, 18:44.7) were in the Top 10, while sophomore Nicholas Pabon was 15th (19:12.9).

Freshman Ryan Evett (21st, 19:26.2), freshman Grant Currier (24th, 19:28.8) and junior Skyler Myers (36th, 21:38.4) rounded out the Foster times.

Lamar Consolidated was able to field a varsity in the boys’ race, and the Mustangs earned fourth place in the standings.

Lamar was led by freshman Jordan Seigel with a 12th-place finish (18:51.8) followed by sophomore Grant Simnacher (16th, 19:16.3), freshman Micahel Perez (17th, 19:18.5), senior Manuel Galarza (28th, 19:45.0), freshman Anthony Zubizarreta (30th, 19:53.5) and freshman Jakob Guadian (32nd, 20:02.6).

Hightower was fifth in the team standings, but the most important result came from Kurtis Nickerson. The senior Hurricane finished third with a time of 17:41.8.

Nickerson’s teammates all finished the race including junior Santiago Balanos (20th, 19:21.5), senior Trynt Thomas (23rd, 19:28.4), senior Demaryon Abengowe (38th, 22:27.8), junior Tariq Yarbrough (43rd, 24:05.4) and freshman William Romero (44th, 24:55.9).

Kempner was sixth overall in the team standings with senior Guillermo Perez-Silva leading the way in 11th place with a time of 18:46.2. Sophomore Mateo Guzman (18th, 19:20.3), junior Maritn Tran (33rd, 20:03.8), senior Braxten Vo (39th, 22:30.7), senior Michael Nneji (40th, 22:51.9) and senior Sahan Wickramartne (41st, 22:54.1) rounded out the Cougars’ efforts.

Terry was seventh in the boys’ standings with senior Israel (26th, 19:34.3), junior Carlos Beltran (31st, 20:00.2), senior Philip Salazar (21:31.5), senior Enrqiue Arreola (38th, 22:27.8) and senior Jamie Luna (42nd, 23:02.8) completing the race.

The top three teams and the next 10 individuals qualify for the Region III-6A meet at ate Barr Ross Memorial Park in Huntsville on Friday, Oct. 25. 

2021 District 24-5A cross country championship

Girls varsity team results
1. Foster, 19; 2. Fulshear, 43; 3. Terry, 77; 4. Angleton, 102.
Girls varsity 5,000-meter individual results
1. Tosch, Mickayla, Foster, 19:40.8; 2. Walsh, Kaitlyn, Foster, 19:58.9; 3. Gholson, Grace, Foster, 20:09.8; 4. Quiroz, Ami, Fulshear, 20:44.1; 5. Tosch, Jordan, Foster, 21:48.4; 6. Lopez, Mikaela, Fulshear, 21:53.6; 7. Reese, Kamoria, Fulshear, 21:55.1; 8. Bell, Ashley, Foster, 22:03.0; 9. Doherty, Samantha, Foster, 22:07.3; 10. Mccoy, Emilee, Kempner, 22:10.4; 11. Janecek, Anna, Foster, 22:19.1; 12. Hernandez, Betsy, Terry, 22:24.8; 13. Nowak, Zoe, Fulshear, 22:30.1; 14. Erazo, Mariana, Terry, 22:30.2; 15. Boyd, Aspen, Fulshear, 22:33.3; 16. Rodarte, Elyssa, Kempner, 23:47.3; 17. Martinez, Alicia, Terry, 24:07.0; 18. Bilewski, Jessica, Fulshear, 24:11.8; 19. Hutchins, Kamara, Hightower, 24:17.7; 20. Flores, Alejandra, Terry, 24:39.3; 21. Chambers, Z’le, Angleton, 24:44.1; 22. Torres, Magdalena, Angleton, 24:59.4; 23. Finley, Haley, Kempner, 25:00.1; 24. Bird, Menya, Kempner, 25:09.3; 25. Avila, Emily, Angleton, 25:45.4; 26. Morgan, Alexia, Hightower, 25:53.7; 27. Martinez, Yolda, Terry, 26:07.1; 28. Gabaut-diziere, Illona, Willowridge, 27:10.5; 29. Winakur, Jasmine, Hightower, 27:24.3; 30. Gutierrez, Ayleen, Angleton, 27:29.9; 31. Sebesta, Jenna, Angleton, 27:51.2; 32. Orizaba, Ashlee, Angleton, 27:57.2; Haynes, Dashanique, Angleton, DNF; Bob, Madison, Hightower, DNF; Peters, Mya, Hightower, DNF; Brianna, Smith, Hightower, DNF.
Boys varsity team results
1. Fulshear, 26, 2. Foster, 55; 3. Angleton, 86; 4. Lamar Consolidated, 103: 5. Hightower, 127; 6. Kempner, 141; 7. Terry, 171.
Boys varsity 5,000-meter individual results
​​1. Sury, Zakary, Fulshear, 17:03.0; 2. Pacheco, Celso, Fulshear, 17:22.2; 3. Nickerson, Kurtis, Hightower, 17:41.8; 4. Lamothe, Brady, Foster, 17:45.3; 5. Davis, Will, Foster, 17:46.3; 6. Adelizzi, Jacobi, Fulshear, 17:48.1; 7. Dominguez, Isaac, Angleton, 17:53.2; 8. Browning, Tyler, Fulshear, 17:54.8; 9. Garcia, Noel, Fulshear, 18:07.8; 10. Hines, Jeremy, Foster, 18:44.7; 11. Perez-silva, Guillermo, Kempner, 18:46.2; 12. Siegel, Jordan, Lamar Consolidated, 18:51.8; 13. Trujillo, Kevin, Angleton, 19:00.0; 14. Latiolais, Kai, Fulshear, 19:12.2; 15. Pabon, Nicholas, Foster, 19:12.9; 16. Simnacher, Grant, Lamar Consolidated, 19:16.3; 17. Perez, Michael, Lamar Consolidated, 19:18.5; 18. Guzman, Mateo, Kempner, 19:20.3; 19. Soliz, Devin, Angleton, 19:20.7; 20. Bolanos, Santiago, Hightower, 19:21.5; 21. Evett, Ryan, Foster, 19:26.2; 22. Rubio, Valentino, Angleton, 19:27.6; 23. Thomas, Trynt, Hightower, 19:28.4; 24. Currier, Grant, Foster, 19:28.8; 25. Duron, Braden, Angleton, 19:30.9; 26. Torres, Israel, Terry, 19:34.3; 27. Cedeno, Kevin, Angleton, 19:36.7; 28. Galarza, Manuel, Lamar Consolidated, 19:45.0; 29. O’Leary, Carter, Angleton, 19:49.0; 30. Zubizarreta, Anthony, Lamar Consolidated, 19:53.5; 31. Beltran, Carlos, Terry, 20:00.2; 32. Guadian, Jakob, Lamar Consolidated, 20:02.6; 33. Tran, Martin, Kempner, 20:03.8; 34. Arrieta, Avran, Fulshear, 20:59.1; 35. Salazar, Philip, Terry, 21:31.5; 36. Myers, Skyler, Foster, 21:38.4; 37. Arreola, Enrique, Terry, 21:46.2; 38. Abengowe, Demaryon, Hightower, 22:27.8; 39. Vo, Braxten, Kempner, 22:30.7; 40. Nneji, Michael, Kempner, 22:51.9; 41. Wickramaratne, Sahan, Kempner, 22:54.1; 42. Luna, Jaime, Terry, 23:02.8; 43. Yarbrough, Tariq, Hightower, 24:05.4; 44. Romero, William, Hightower, 24:55.9; Morse, Adam, Foster, DNF; Demetrius, Gilmer, Marshall, DNF.

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