Ryan Dunsmore

As much as I hate to admit it, baseball hasn’t been the national pastime since the 1990s.

The steroid era bubble popped and gave way for football to become top dog in America.

To be fair, it only seemed right for the most violent and television-friendly sport to move front and center.

The time may be ripe for another shift in the top sport in America.

Basketball has surged in the hearts and minds of millennials with numerous faces of players to connect with, basketball shoes to wear and the immensely simpler process to playing the game with only a ball and hoop needed.

But honestly, I haven’t seen the NBA taking a step ahead of the NFL until this week.

This is week that every major news outlet should be talking about Super Bowl LIII.

And frankly, Super Bowl LIII isn’t lacking juicy storylines to salivate over.

The New England Patriots are making their 11th Super Bowl appearance and ninth of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era.

And the St. Lou—Los Angeles Rams are making their fourth appearance to the Super Bowl the heir apparent to the Belichick title of NFL revolutionary with coach Sean McVay.

But that hasn’t been the case.

The conversation hasn’t been about all the matchup in Super Bowl LIII, but the NBA trade deadline.

New Orleans forward Anthony Davis shook the sports world with his trade demand at the beginning of the week.

The move of Davis would completely reshape the power structure in the NBA and the media ate it up as such.

Fast forward to Thursday.

While the fumes of Davis were still lingering around the sports zeitgeist, and football started to emerge again on the top of the website, the Kristaps Porzingis news dropped.

Porzingis, dubbed the unicorn and the future for the Knicks, was headed to Dallas for what amounted to cap space and future draft picks.

The move melted social media timelines and sent sports media into another frenzy.

It was a sign that football was not still the top dog in the minds of American sports fans.

I’m starting to see the cracks in football’s stranglehold on America, and it may have already lost its grip on young Americans.

The national pastime was baseball for much of the 20th century and football has had a hold since the creation of the Super Bowl.

But the NBA’s time is coming as the top sport in America. It has already taken control cross the world outside of soccer craziness.

Just don’t be surprised when it comes.

Reach Fort Bend Herald Sports Editor Ryan Dunsmore at rdunsmore@fbherald.com and on Twitter at @duns_more and @fbheraldsports. 

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