Picking up books

Fort Bend County constables and their staff picking up books are Precinct 1 Deputy Constable Clayton Cook, Precinct 1 Constable Mike Beard, Achieve Fort Bend County Board Chairman James Patterson, Precinct 4 Chief Deputy Constable John Hermann, Precinct 4 Constable Trevor Nehls and Precinct 4 Lt. Constable Charles Krachal.

Achieve Fort Bend County recently delivered 10,000 books to local school districts.

Each year Achieve Fort Bend County provides 10 books each to 1,000 Title I, first-grade students struggling to read.

Despite current difficulties in delivering to students, local school districts were able to make sure these students received their books — thanks in part to Fort Bend County constables and their staff.

Each year with the generous support of local foundations and many individuals from the community, Achieve provides first-grade students who struggle to read at the level of their peers the opportunity to read books on their own, in their home environment over the summer months of June, July and August.

The goal of the program is to keep and support growth in reading during the summer break and keep these students from falling behind as they advance to the next grade level.

In past years, the Fort Bend County constables picked up the books and delivered them directly to the students at their school.

With the students not attending school due to the current pandemic, the districts have taken on the delivery of books to the identified students themselves.

That means 1,000 students in Fort Bend County school districts will receive book bags safely delivered by their teachers.

“Thank you to all of the district leaders for helping Achieve Fort Bend County ensure summer reading material for the students that need it, especially during these uncertain times,” Achieve Fort Bend County Board Chairman James Patterson said. “Together we will help students in Fort Bend County Achieve.”

Achieve Fort Bend County is grateful to the many business leaders, school administrators, current and retired educational professionals, law enforcement personnel and many concerned community volunteers who all work to see children succeed, Patterson added.

“Parents and students too are critical participants as the opportunity to raise the child’s academic level is possible with daily exposure to a stack of books in the home to enjoy and share again and again,” he said.

For more information please visit the Achieve Fort Bend County Facebook page or email achievefbc@yahoo.com.

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