First let me say that I was one of the lucky ones — or I should say blessed ones — during the winter storm that crippled our area and the state this week.

I didn’t lose power for a second and lost water pressure for about five hours on Wednesday.

But I feel for those who did lose power and water and those who are still without power and water or are still searching for gas and food this weekend.

And I am praying for the ones that have died trying to stay warm.

But it’s just too hard to stop pointing fingers at state leaders who failed at their jobs, and for those who say or do absolutely dumb things during our crisis that boggles the mind.

I know weather events are tough to predict, even with the technology and knowledge that we have today.

But for no one at ERCOT to know that temperatures would go below freezing at their power plants and not take the necessary precautions is inexcusable.

Even more inexcusable is the fact that none of our Texas power plants have been prepared for winter weather.

And the main reason why not is that it would dip too much into profits for ERCOT and the energy providers in the state.

Gov. Greg Abbott is now saying the right things: that he will work to winterize ERCOT plants and is working to get the power back on for those still without it. But he made a big political boo-boo going on Fox News on Tuesday and basically blaming the Green New Deal for the reason the power is off.

“Wind and solar got shut down,” Abbott said. “They were collectively more than 10% of our power grid, and that thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis.”

That was totally false and an insult to Texans’ intelligence in a moment of crisis.

Like, when did Texas adopt the Green New Deal — which is not even a law yet — and when did Abbott, a staunch Republican, adopt its policies?

I know that fossil fuels are big in Texas and Republicans like Abbott have to go on TV and support them.

But those coal and natural gas plants all failed in the cold weather a lot more than the wind turbines did.

Trying to pick up political points in the middle of a crisis is just a tacky thing for any politician to do.

But hey, at least Abbott didn’t take off for Cancun in the middle of all this as did Sen. Ted Cruz.

I won’t go all in on Cruz since he’s being dunked every minute on social media, as he deserves to be dunked on severely.

All I will say is that his decision to book a trip to Mexico on a whim by his family shows the lack of foresight and leadership that we expect those in Congress to have.

Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke, who lost to Cruz by 2.6% in 2018, was phonebanking with his supporters to find and help senior citizens who were without power, water or food during the storm. That’s what you call leadership.

And let’s give credit to our local government in Fort Bend County, led by County Judge KP George, who stayed in his office for most of the week — partly because his home lost power and had a water pipe burst in the living room and upstairs.

The county has provided as much help as possible for those in need during this tough week, and I want to thank all the workers, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency staff for doing a great job dealing with something that we’re not used to dealing with.

Reach Chad Washington by email at and on Twitter, @ChadDWashington.

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