The whole situation with the George Floyd death in Minneapolis is really bothering me.

It literally is tearing a part our country.

There is nothing said about George Floyd’s violent criminal record, why?

You might ask why I classify him as a violent criminal? The answer is that he pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon after he and five other men barged into a pregnant woman’s apartment and Floyd shoved a pistol into her belly. For that offense, he was sentenced to five years in prison.

I would also like to address the 8-minutes and 46-seconds that we hear about over and over.

What do we know about George Floyd? We know he was a six foot six inch Black with a muscular build. We know from the autopsy that he had drugs in his system and had Cardio damage from his drug use. We know the police pfficers were attempting to arrest him and place him in the police car to take him to the jail and book him.

We know that George Floyd physically resisted arrest and that he fought the officers to keep from being placed in the police car.

I hear the question as to why the police officer did not take his knee off George Floyd’s neck after, say, six minutes.

How many times have we seen a criminal regain their strength and lunge and take away the officer’s gun and shoot and kill the officer?

The officer who had his knee on George Floyd’s neck made a command decision that he needed to keep George Floyd subdued.

Maybe we need a civil discussion about things and civil means not stirring people up to protest, which is OK, but the rioting and looting and injuring and destruction of property is not.

Kuy Kuykendall

Pecan Grove

Editor’s note: George Floyd’s criminal history has been repeated reported in the press. A simple Google search of “George Floyd criminal record” will produce dozens if not hundreds of stories by news agencies.

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