Chad Washington

I’m patiently waiting by my mailbox for my order.

I ordered several gaither scarves to style while dealing with COVID-19. I ordered a Houston Texans one, a Houston Astros one that looks like the rainbow jerseys the team wore in the 70’s and 80’s, and of course, a Penn State one.

Unlike some other people, I’m going to style in my mask.

But I get the mask hate. The ones I wear are mostly uncomfortable, can’t breathe well in them, and some are just too tight for my face.

But look everyone, if we want to have some semblance of normal during this pandemic, wearing a mask is the best option.

Fort Bend County Judge KP George has distributed a survey to county residents to gauge the interest of wearing a mask in public. It’s really a shame it had to come to this.

The CDC initially said in the early days of the pandemic that wearing masks was unnecessary. Only then to come back later and say that they recommend wearing masks in public, “especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”

Now masks are – unfortunately like everything else these days – a political statement, seen by others as a sign that you are either a caring person who wants to slow the spread of the virus, or a “sheep,” a “wuss,” or someone who is blindly willing to give up your God-given freedoms.

See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Or save nice things from the virus, like going to the movies or sports.

Wearing a mask will not make you a weak person or a “sheep” or a mark for whatever scary conspiracy theory that is out there. It makes you a responsible person to help keep the spread of the virus from getting out of control.

Unfortunately, in Fort Bend County and the rest of the state of Texas, it is getting out of control. Coronavirus cases are spiking in our area and in the state, meaning that another shutdown could be on the way.

I don’t understand how some politicians like Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republicans aren’t on the mask-wearing wagon. I know it’s not the end-all, be-all solution to this and it’s not 100% reliable, but until we wait for a vaccine, it’s the best thing we have to keep our economy moving while trying to fight the spread.

Oh, but the president doesn’t like wearing a mask, so the GOP must be against masks. OK, whatever.

We are in a time where we need strong leadership, from state and local officials to the federal ones. The only way to save lives during this pandemic is to listen to the experts and not follow dumb conspiracy addicts on television and social media. It also begins at home, to keep you and your neighbors safe.

So please, wear your masks. I know I will, when they come in the mail.

Chad Washington is a news and sports reporter for the Herald. He can be reached at and on Twitter, @ChadDWashington.

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