Predictions often come back to haunt you, but it seems to me like federal judges might end up redrawing some of the new Texas House, Senate and Congressional districts. Read more

Narcissus was a beautiful hunter in ancient Greece. He shunned all romantic advances. None were as beautiful as he knew himself to be, so there was no reason for a relationship with anyone. Eventually, Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water by a stream. He stared s… Read more

I was truly dismayed to see that Troy Nehls voted to not refer Steve Bannon to the Department of Justice for contempt of Congress for Bannon’s refusal to comply with the subpoena issued commanding him to produce documents and appear to testify. Read more

Noisy Rosenberg neighborhoods were reported back in 2002 with that City Council addressing the problem. I reported the same topic before a City Council in 2019. Nothing has changed in 2021 except population growth bringing more noise. Recently I had a curious exchange with a city official ab… Read more

The third special session ended Monday, with lawmakers granting final approval to new maps for statehouse and congressional districts, completing a process that began almost a year ago when the Legislature opened redistricting hearings in January. Delays in census data pushed the process bac… Read more

Confession: I used to be a Republican. I briefly became one years ago while living amongst the ultrawoke on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Their authoritarian diktats drove me crazy. And their narrow definition of economic interests as the rich versus the poor -- with the middle class almost i… Read more

The news has everyone in a frenzy stating that we need to purchase Christmas gifts now because there won't be anything left come mid-November. Here's a novel idea. Maybe we shouldn't worry about the material things. Maybe we should just be grateful for the gift of family, friends, our health… Read more

Plain or fancy, I love museums and historical venues. They allow visitors to walk through time, seeing first-hand the tools, clothing and books people used in their every-day lives. Read more

Despite being a politician all his life, and never having worked in a blue-collar job, President Joe Biden declared, “I’m a union man,” when he announced his presidential campaign at a Teamsters union hall in Pittsburgh in April 2019. Read more

I don’t willingly ingest spooky stuff, so I’m often conflicted during October. Read more

It must be an embarrassing situation for Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan after he felt the need to do damage control and make an apology to his employees to correct a heavy-handed memo from his assistant, Karolyn Drisdale. Read more

The U.S. Supreme Court in the 1968 case of Terry v. Ohio granted police officers the limited right to stop and ask questions of someone engaged in unusual behavior and reasonably believed to be armed and presently dangerous. Read more

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a private employer to get rid of a worker deemed bad for business, he or she can. Such appears to be the fate of Jon Gruden, who resigned as the Las Vegas Raiders football coach after a trove of racist, sexist and homophobic utterin… Read more