WASHINGTON— For Republicans, 2024 could be 1912 all over again, a year when former President Teddy Roosevelt formed the “Bull Moose” or Progressive Party after he failed to win the Republican nomination. The Bull Moose Party with Roosevelt as its candidate came in second that year ahead of t… Read more

The winter storm is leaving Texans wanting answers, but the finger pointing during hearings in Austin this week hasn’t moved us toward a consensus or any type of solution yet. Read more

It’s not often you meet someone so positive, so genuine, and so happy to be alive. Read more

We need to acknowledge the accomplishments of the previous city of Richmond administration and especially the mayor, city manager and engineering that were responsible for our water supply. Read more

Sunday School at 10:00 AM, Main service starting at 11:00 AM, with Pastor David Shows speaking from 2 Timothy 2:15 with a message entitled “How Important is Sunday School to You?”. Sunday Evening Service begins at 6:00 pm with a message from Sgt. Daryl Stroud. Wednesday Night (Mar 3) has Pra… Read more