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Letters to the Editor

Mayor William “Bill” Benton has always done his best for what benefits us citizens of Rosenberg. He did it as a councilman and now as mayor. I have always voted for him and will continue to do so because he does the best he can do for all of us citizens of Rosenberg.

Rosenberg city councilman Isaac Davila’s first letter didn’t bother me, but after the second, I’d like to share my opinion. I was involved in city government a long time.

Councilor Isaac Davila’s recent letter and his bizarre labeling of Fort Bend Pets Alive! as a “radical” and “harassing” group is not only a sad bullying tactic, it is an outrageous and misleading lie.

I have written many letters to the Fort Bend Herald and complained and/or criticized when I did not approve of our local elected officials’ response or lack of on any number of topics.