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Fifty years ago, responding to public demand in an era of reform, Texas enacted a sweeping law ensuring the people’s right to know about their government.

"We have no choice but to make hard decisions," Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern recently said. He leads the Republican Study Committee, a group of more than 160 Republican lawmakers that recently called for making cuts in Social Security.

In late 2011, John Oliver and his “Daily Show” cameraman made a trek to my office, then in Providence, Rhode Island, to take me to task. I had recently referred to the Tea Partiers who had pushed America to the brink of a disastrous default as “economic terrorists.”

Fort Bend County Judge KP George joined other Democrats last week in a rally on the steps of the Fort Bend County Justice Center to speak out against a proposed bill that would ban businesses and citizens from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia from buying land in Texas.

M issionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a Catholic missions organization. The organization was founded in France in 1816 by Mazenod, and expanded to south Texas in 1849. An Oblate is an individual, either a layperson or clergy, who lives in public life rather than in a monastery. The Oblates…

After the Christmas season and before Lent, Orthodox priests have — for centuries — rushed to visit church-members’ homes to bless them with prayers and splashes of holy water flung about with a foot-long brush or handfuls of basil.