Radyn Antonio Terrell

Radyn came into this world fast and unexpectedly. Born at 33 weeks and weighing just 4 pounds, 4 ounces, our biggest concern was the development of his lungs. Radyn soon showed us he would become full of not only breath, but life and love as well.

In the waiting room, over 40 people eagerly waited on his arrival. When he arrived, Rico, Rudi, Tay and Gigi were crying of pure joy. Every heart was instantly filled with an all-consuming love. As we announced his arrival, they whisked him away to the NICU and everyone cheered, laughed, hugged and congratulated us. Not wanting to leave Radyn’s side, we stayed with him for both Christmas and New Year’s. For two weeks we stayed with him, sleeping on chairs, praying and loving on him in such a way that we would finally come home as a family early January of 2016.

The next three and a half years were filled with laughter, crying, and little feet running all around. Radyn’s personality was as big as a roller coaster, one that you wanted to keep riding over and over again. He loved being the center of attention and learned quickly that we were eager to give it.

Radyn loved everyone, but his favorites were Matthew, Raegan, Luke, Sayla and Noa. Through all of our family gatherings, he always found a way to entertain everyone through his dancing and his love for music. Sometimes, as a family, we would sit around the living room and Radyn would tell his Tia to dance. Or he would simply point to the speaker and say, “Tia, dance.” Then he would jump on the table and have a go at it. Everyone would clap, record, and enjoy the show!

Radyn was an avid traveler and recently spent a week at Disney Resort Hotel in Hawaii where he learned to swim. In a short time, we created many special memories that we will cherish forever. We always said he was too young to remember, but we will remember for him, because the memories will live in our hearts.

When tragedy struck, everyone rallied again to be by Radyn’s side. The waiting room filled with so much anticipation, hopes, and prayers that Radyn would breathe. We were all praying for a better ending to his story.

Our gathering took us back to the day of his birth. That December day where we were all cheering him on, where his family met to welcome him into their hearts. Little did we realize that on June 23, 2019 we would be cheering him into the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Radyn leaves behind his parents Rico and Rudi Terrell; his two baby brothers, Rocky and Renzo; grandparents, Papa Rudy and his Gigi; his Tia and his Dos; as well as his Papa Jason and Mimi Keisha, T-Tay, Kyia; his cousins, London and Phoenix, and his Papa Co.

But most importantly, Radyn leaves a world that knows his love of Jesus and who he became in his short three and a half years. He will be missed, but he will never be forgotten.

A celebration of Radyn’s life will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, June 28, 2019 at Second Baptist Church, West Campus with Rev. Robert Jackman officiating. The family asks that you please join them for a reception immediately following the service.

Funeral services held under the direction of

Schmidt Funeral Home

1344 W. Grand Parkway South ~ Katy, Texas 77494 ~ (281) 391-2424

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