Rosenberg Police Chief Jonathan White said his department cannot provide enough officers to keep up with the growth of Lamar Consolidated ISD.

“Unfortunately, the projected number of officers needed in the future for the school district have surpassed what the city can provide,” he said. “Should the district request to add 16 (officers to the School Resource Officer program), we would not be able to fulfill that request.

“In short, the demand is out-growing the supply. For these reasons, the city is obligated to inform LCISD we need to begin to plan for a separation of services.”

The Rosenberg City Council voted last week to notify the school district it would ends its long-time cops on campus program in July 2021. The SRO program presently has 18 officers on LCISD campuses.

White said he would like to have at least one officer per 1,000 students.

“Certain organizations such as NASRO — the National Association of School Resource Officers — recommends that every school have at least one carefully selected, specially trained school resource officer. Previously NASRO recommended to place one SRO per 1,000 students,” White explained. “NASRO recommends considering factors such as campus size, including acreage and number of buildings, school climate and location, and the number of non sworn safety team members on campus when determining the number of SROs needed on campus.”

Given the geographical footprint of the district and the vast amount of LCISD property and campuses, Rosenberg Police Department’s future goal would be to add SROs annually to attempt to get closer to the ratio of one officer per 1,000 students, White added.

“These discussions have occurred in informal meetings with school district administration,” White noted. “In the strategic plan given to the district for the 2019-2020 school year, one SRO position was requested; however, no positions were added.”

White assures citizens that RPD will continue to protect students and staff throughout the transition period and beyond.

“We have no plans to leave the students or staff ‘exposed.’ The current interlocal agreement stipulates a 60-day separation notice, and the city has provided an approximate 18 month notice,” White said. “If the school district felt it would be exposed by this decision, I am certain they would share that information with us.

“We are confident they have the resources to ensure adequate police presence on their campuses after the life of this agreement."

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