Wilburn Street will be receiving new sets of flashing light signs after the Rosenberg City Council last week approved the $11,100 project to caution speedy travelers about the school zone.

Council chose adding the flashing lights to signage over installing pole-mounted radar signs.

The price for the mounted speed signs was estimated at $7,450 but council thought the flashers would prove more effective.

District 2 Councilor Susan Euton spoke for many council members in choosing the school zone flashers as opposed to the pole-mounted signs.

“I think I would like the flashing lights because they are on the ends of the school zone area and I think it will get more attention,” Euton said. “There are already flashing lights on Brooks and Bamore and I think the flashing lights will be sufficient enough. I don’t feel the signs would add that much during school hours.”

Council previously sided with property owners and residents to remove speed humps along Wilburn Street between Ruby Street and Bamore Road during the April 19 meeting.

Thus, the city approved staff to conduct a traffic speed study in the school zone area to see if the pole-mounted signs were necessary.

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