The Lamar Consolidated ISD school board approved the logos for the new Dr. Thomas E. Randle High School and Harry Wright Junior High School Thursday evening.

The identity of Lamar Consolidated ISD’s sixth high school and junior high school continued to take shape on Thursday during the LCISD board meeting.

The board unanimously approved the new logos for the Dr. Thomas E. Randle High School Lions and Harry Wright Junior High School Lions.

The main logo features a white lion with heavy black lines and the interlocking T and R for the high school logo and a silver W for the junior high school.

Randle principal John Montelongo III was happy to finally show off the months of work that has gone into creating the identity for LCISD’s newest campus.

“That made all the difference in the world,” Montelongo said. “That was one of the things we were able to work on in December was the logo and the mascot.

“We identified the mascot early but I was purposeful in allowing the community to really have a say in what the mascot would be.”

Montelongo was named the principal over the summer and the future students selected Lions as the school’s mascot in November — over Wildcats, Gators, Bears and Rhinos. Lions garnered the top vote-getter at 30% and silver and black earned 40% of color scheme vote.

“I really wanted them to focus on what the Lions represented,” Montelongo said. “We focused on all of the character traits that were associated with all of our mascot options.

“I told parents, ‘Look at this as a way to determine what you want our students to leave Randle High School with.’ If integrity was important or if leadership was important, maybe choose the mascot that fits those personality traits.

“Once we identified the Lions, we worked with our (Varsity Brands) VIP branding group and really focused on what we wanted the lion to look like and what we wanted the seal to look like. What we wanted our letter logos to look like.”

Montelongo has the unique opportunity to be able to get input from the school’s namesake during the process.

“We shared with him, Dr. Randle gave us some feedback and input, we definitely took that to heart,” Montelongo said.

The use of Randle’s full name was important to creating a unique identity for the Lions.

“One of the things we were focused on, we know there is a Randall High School in North Texas,” Montelongo said. “And their colors are black, silver and white. They are the Raiders. That is why we didn’t want to focus on the “R”. We wanted to focus on the “TR” because we’re Thomas Randle High School or Dr. Thomas E Randle High School. Not just Randle High School.”

The logo page for Randle does have a hint of one color outside of silver and black. There is a hint of yellow that pays homage to a lion’s yellow eye.

“We wanted to incorporate an eye,” Montelongo said. “We knew that having the color of silver, black and white, a lot of people would consider those accident colors. But those are the colors the community picked.

“But when you look at pictures of lions, lions have a golden or yellow-looking eye. What we went with and what really made it pop, that is the only time you’ll see any other color other than silver black and white for that interlocking T-R logo with the eye. That is only because it represents a lion’s eye.”

Randle High School is around 80% done and Montelongo is currently working on the design package for the campus.

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