Brett Jeffrey Coulter

Brett Jeffrey Coulter

A Florida man was arrested and charged with stalking and harassing U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls in Washington.

Brett Jeffery Coulter, 38, left voicemails in late May allegedly threatening to kill the former Fort Bend County sheriff.

“He then crossed the threshold and he said he was going to kill me,” Nehls said. “I said hey, there’s something that needs to be done and someone needs to talk to this individual. He didn’t stop and I hope he gets the help he needs. We all get phone calls and people will call you every name under the sun this and that but when you start bringing violence into saying they are going to kill you, you should take it seriously and should call someone and have them look into it.”

Court documents also say the voice messages consisted of Coulter using profanity towards Nehls demanding he stop using emojis in his social media posts.

Coulter allegedly felt the emojis were directed toward him.

Nehls added in a statement that the U.S. Capitol Police were notified about the incident and found Coulter had an active warrant for intimidation in New Jersey.

Court documents indicate Coulter has been arrested several times in the past for stalking and admitted to law enforcement he has a mental illness history.

Coulter told officials he never intended to hurt the Republican congressman and never tried to purchase a weapon.

Police found this to be false and revealed that Coulter tried to buy a gun in 2020 in Florida but was denied.

Coulter was placed under a Risk Protection order out of Palm Beach County under the state’s “red flag law.”

He later admitted his actions were wrong and apologized.

Nehls has garnered recent media coverage heading the GOP probe into Capitol Police, calling out the “sham” Jan. 6 Committee and Capitol Police leadership on the House floor.

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