Marc Morales was elected to the Rosenberg City Council by District 4 constituents who want him to better the community.

That plan has come to action just three months after joining the council.

At the last regular Rosenberg City Council meeting, council members unanimously voted in favor of installing a speed hump on Junker Street between Jones Street to Freeway Manor Drive.

“This is Marc’s stomping grounds,” Mayor Bill Benton explained. “This is his neighborhood. When he campaigned, he heard concerns about this.”

Morales thanked resident Hector Gutierrez for creating the petition request regarding the installation of a speed hump on Junker Street between Jones Street to Freeway Manor Drive.

“(Benton) and I talked to all the residents and I do believe this speed hump would slow traffic down between Jones and Freeway Drive,” Morales said.

“It is approximately two and a half blocks in distance and Junker being a feeder street, it will slow them down.”

Benton added that this area was entirely residential.

According to city policy, at least 65% of the property owners/residents must be in support of the change in order to proceed with the instillation.

There are 30 residential homes and multi-family residential units located along Junker Street. Twenty-seven of the homes stated they are in support of the speed hump installation, while two did not respond, or provide a definitive answer, and one home was vacant, city staff added.

This equates to approximately 87% of the residents being in support.

Council member Kevin Raines said if it’s what the people want, they have a right to it.

The rest of council concurred.

Morales gladly made the motion to install a speed hump on Junker Street between Jones Street to Freeway Manor Drive. The motion was seconded by council member Tim Anders and passed unanimously.

The speed hump will cost the city $1,600.

“I think this street is (asphalt), so worse comes to worse, we can always remove these humps,” Benton said. “Of course, you lose $1,600 of material and work, so I hope the council would be careful not to remove these humps.”

The next regular Rosenberg City Council meeting will be held Feb. 2 via Zoom teleconference.

Meetings can be watched live on the city’s YouTube Channel “RosenbergTXGov,” on the city’s website at, and on Comcast Channel 16 for residents within the city limits.

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