U.S. Capitol

Night scene of the front of the U.S. Capitol as it is being prepared for the Presidential Inauguration Day celebration.

Many Fort Bend Herald readers watched in horror and dismay on Wednesday as a mob of Trump supporters stormed the nation’s Capital.

“Watching the destruction at our Capitol, I sat in disbelief,” recalled Rhonda Kuykendall of Fulshear. “As images of guns, barricades and watching a woman die, tears flowed all day long. Then the spinning began on social media and all I could do was roll my eyes. When there is no accountability, nothing ever changes.”

Ann Gardner said the event was upsetting.

“My soul was sad,” she said. “This is not the America we love.”

Reader Lorene Busbee Lindsey experienced a wide range of emotions as she watched news coverage of the riot.

“I felt shocked, anxious, scared, sad, helpless and angry — all at the same time — similar to how I felt on 9/11,” she said.

Joe Walz said he was thankful more life wasn’t lost. “Thank God there weren’t more deaths and injuries yesterday. Any loss of life is abhorrent,” he said. “The polls for local elections will be open in just a few months — start with local elections to effect the changes you seek and pray that our representatives work together for the betterment of the We the People.”

Others were angered by what they witnessed and lashed out at those they felt responsible.

“That crowd is not there without President Trump’s call to action,” said Joe Southern of Rosenberg. “He is the ringleader and must be held accountable.”

Civic activist Anna Lykoudis-Zafiris had harsher words.

“The fish rots from the head. Trump has been lying, propagandizing and misleading, with the help of his enablers — the right wing media, many GOP senators and even more GOP congressmen and women, which has produced these radicalized domestic white terrorists that attacked our U.S. Capitol in some deranged attempt to overturn a free and fair democratic election,” she said. “The lack of accountability is not something that transpired yesterday, it has been brewing since the acceptance of Trump’s lies — both big and little — as normal, thus giving credence to an alternate reality/alternative facts.”

Said Leonard N. Chan: “What is happening today wounds my heart, but I maintain the optimism that despite the flaws of its inhabitants and those it serves the Capitol building and city will be the light that illuminates why we should always value being part of this nation.”

Schoolteacher and former candidate for public office Eliz Markowitz denounced those who participated in the riot as traitors.

“The actors at the Capitol participated in a seditious, traitorous act meant to undermine democracy,” she said. “Let them be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Gary Segura said he understands why protesters attacked Congress.

“They did it in large part for the same reasons we’ve seen BLM and Antifa protest over the past year, too: They feel it’s the only option left,” he said. “When people can’t rely on courtrooms to get justice, and the political system to get the change they’re promised (whether rightly or wrongly), the emotions can make it feel like the only thing left to do is go outside the norms of the system; and in extreme cases, break it entirely.”

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