It’s not news that national Democrats are already producing negative ads about Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls. But the fact that the ads are in different languages is a change.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has made three ads attacking Nehls as the race for the U.S. House District 22 seat ramps up. All three ads are the same, attacking Nehls for his time at the Richmond Police Department, his comments on human trafficking and his dealings with the coronavirus.

But the other two ads are in Chinese and in Hindi, as Democrats try to target different ethnic groups in the district.

The ads plan to give a boost to Sri Preston Kulkarni, who mobilized Asian Americans in his 2018 to come only five percentage points short of beating Rep. Pete Olson. Olson is retiring after his term in office.

Nehls is coming off a dominating win over Kathaleen Wall in the Republican primary runoff last week, winning the election with 70% of the vote.

It is the first time in recent political history that any group is producing ads in Chinese and Hindi. The reason is that District 22 is 19% Asian American and/or Pacific Islander, and their votes are being heavily courted by Kulkarni’s campaign.

“With AAPI voters representing roughly 20 percent of TX-22, it’s a markedly different approach from that of Texas Republicans whose race-related scandals have toxified the GOP brand among Greater Houston’s diverse communities ahead of a critical election,” a DCCC statement said.

Meanwhile, the National Republican Congressional Committee has gone after a liberal group named Indivisible, which has endorsed Kulkarni and gave $1,000 to his campaign. Indivisible has tweeted the phrase “Defund the police” while calling for justice against police brutality.

“Kulkarni still hasn’t answered whether he agrees with his radical donors on defunding the police. Why so quiet?” asked Bob Salera, the NRCC’s deputy communications director.

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