Scientists developed COVID-19 vaccines at “warp speed,” and Fort Bend County residents will be inoculated at “hyper-speed” if County Judge KP George has his way.

“Many of you have called, emailed, and communicated with questions about the COVID-19 vaccine,” he said in a letter dated Thursday, Dec. 31. “I appreciate the community’s overwhelming support and urgency to get this essential vaccine. There is hope on the horizon to end this pandemic, but, in the meantime, we cannot and must not let our guards down.”

At this time, he said, Fort Bend County partners — such as hospitals and private healthcare providers — are administering the extremely limited supply of vaccine to frontline workers, those above the age of 65, and others identified as priority groups by the state, George noted.

However, he added, “due to no centralized sign up system, distribution plan, or notification system developed by those in charge of vaccine rollout,” county governments must work with the public list of providers to obtain what little vaccine is available.

Fort Bend County Health and Human Services and many local health care providers have received approval to administer the vaccine, but still have not received a dose, George said.

“In the chance, the state of Texas delivers vaccines today, tomorrow, or anytime, I have instructed the health department to ensure we can begin the highly sensitive storage and rapid administration of this vaccine in priority order,” he said. “We are ready to go. Unfortunately, like many local governments in similar situations, we have no idea when the state of Texas will ship more or how many which is why we are prepared for all situations.”

Companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and others have developed the vaccine at “warp speed,” said George, making a play on the federal government’s vaccine campaign called “Operation Warp Speed.”

“But vaccine distribution has lagged in Texas and across the USA,” George said. “Even though the governor’s executive orders severely limit what local governments can do in emergency situations, I have asked the state for more vaccines to Fort Bend, so we can get it out at hyper-speed to all that need and want them.”

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