The Rose Ranch subdivision in the extra-territorial jurisdiction of Rosenberg could once again have the opportunity to be annexed in the city.

At a special Rosenberg City Council meeting Tuesday, council members reluctantly agreed to reconsider restarting the annexation process for Municipal Utility District No. 66.

The meeting was conducted via Zoom because of a significant rise in COVID-19 cases in the community.

The annexation process began with a letter of intent to annex last August. But when the MUD developers failed to provide the city with the information and payment to move forward with the annexation, council members rescinded the letter of intent to annex.

“The mayor couldn’t care less if this MUD gets annexed or not,” Mayor Bill Benton told the council. “Let’s keep our eye on the ball people. The question is do y’all wish to entertain the possibility of a (letter of intent to annex)?”

According to City Attorney Grady Randle, the MUD must complete a one-year “cooling off” period before reactivating the annexation process.

“My recommendation is (bringing this back) any time after Aug. 20,” Randle said.

Last year, Assistant City Manager Joyce Vasut revealed that the city would take on about $2.2 million in bond debt if the MUD is annexed. She noted that it would take 41 years for the MUD residents to pay off the debt at the current size of the subdivision.

“I’m not going to vote on anything that’s going to bring debt to the city,” council member Steven DeGregorio pledged. “I say we table this until August. I think we should give (the MUD) due process. But they can’t do anything until August.”

Council member Tim Anders reiterated this is not a vote to annex the MUD.

“It’s a vote to let them decide whether or not they want to be annexed,” he said.

“The numbers I was given late Friday evening, they’re old. When it comes time, we’ll have current information.”

City Manager John Maresh said the city has yet to receive new information from the MUD board about the debt the city could take on.

“We started this process last year and (the MUD developer) couldn’t keep up,” council member Isaac Davila reminded the council. “We extended deadline after deadline after deadline after deadline. It’s a bad deal for our citizens. We shouldn’t even be considering this.”

Council ultimately agreed to bring this back for discussion after Aug. 20.

“There’s no harm in discussing,” Benton said.

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