2021 is right around the corner.

Well, Rosenberg’s 2021 fiscal year is anyway, launching Oct. 1.

At the Rosenberg City Council workshop meeting Tuesday, council members reviewed changes to the upcoming budget.

“These items were ranked by city staff and council made a few adjustments from those rankings,” Assistant City Manager Joyce Vasut explained to council. “We budgeted from there.”

Of the 22 items presented to council last month, city staff narrowed the list down to nine items that could be funded with the proposed budget and tax rate.

With a proposed 40-cent tax rate, listed are the following supplemental budget requests and their annual and/or recurring costs:

1. Patrol vehicle equipment replacement, police department: $375,000 with a $25,000 recurring cost

2. Patrol vehicle computer upgrade, police: $136,800

3. Higher ground replacement, police: $81,000 with a $25,000 recurring cost

4. Facility camera replacement, police: $45,000

5. Unmarked criminal investigations department vehicle for new position, police: $35,000

6. Tractor, parks and recreation department: $31,650 with a $500 recurring cost

Listed are the following personnel budget requests and their annual and/or recurring costs:

1. Detective officer, police: $10,739 with a $75,829 recurring cost

2. Police officer No. 1, police: $11,459 with a $75,226 recurring cost

3. Police officer No. 2, police: $11,459 with a $75,226 recurring cost

Other personnel changes include moving an administrative technician from the Rosenberg Civic Center to municipal courts due to a reduction in civic center revenues and additional work in municipal courts.

Vasut also noted that the city did not budget for the main street manager position due to the reduction in the hotel occupancy tax.

The proposed budget will be submitted for council approval at the next regular meeting.

The next regular Rosenberg City Council meeting will be held via Zoom teleconference on Aug. 4.

Citizens will not be allowed to attend council meetings, but can still ask questions via letters, telephone or email.

Email comments to dswint@rosenbergtx.gov.

Meetings can be watched live on the city’s YouTube Channel “RosenbergTXGov,” on the city’s website at www.rosenbergtx.gov/tv, and on Comcast Channel 16 for residents within the city limits.

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