Every year, the Rosenberg Development Corp. allocates money for neighborhood park improvement. And according to Rosenberg Parks and Recreation Director Darren McCarthy, the funds in the 2020 neighborhood park improvement budget will go toward something much-needed at Sunset Park.

At Wednesday’s RDC meeting, board members unanimously voted to build an additional shade structure in Sunset Park.

“One of our most heavily-used areas of our parks are our pavilions at sunset park,” McCarthy told the RDC. “Those are rented out every weekend. Now that it’s cooler, people are really begging for a space.” McCarthy said one of the most frequent requests the parks department receives from citizens is for an additional shaded structure.

“The structure would look similar to what’s over at Harwood Park,” McCarthy continued. “It would be a fabric structure rather than a steel structure. We’ve had really good luck with the (fabric structures).

“I was checking out the shade structures in the sports complex. Those things are going on 10 years old and they all look really good.”

The total price of the structure is estimated at $27,422.

According to McCarthy, the remaining balance in the neighborhood park improvement funds would be used to purchase picnic tables.

“We did have one incident over at Harwood Park with a small structure,” McCarthy revealed. “It looked like a kid stood on the table with a lighter and tried to burn a hole in (the shaded structure), but it’s flame retardant. So he must have been up there a long time.

“When I told the company, they came right out and patched it up.

“This (shaded structure at Sunset Park) will be high enough that you’d need stilts to pull that off.” McCarthy said he hopes the new shaded structure will be up in the next few months.

“The residents are chomping at the bit to get extra space out there,” he said.

To reserve a shaded structure at one of the many parks in Rosenberg, visit https://rosenbergtx.gov/ park-field-pavilion-reservation-information/.

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