An alert Rosenberg police officer who spotted four thieves running from a beauty supply store last year was commended on Tuesday for arresting the individuals on the spot and recovering thousands of dollars of stolen loot. Officer Josh Manriquez was one of six officers to receive plaques of appreciation from the Rosenberg Police Department, the city of Rosenberg and its grateful citizens.

2021 Detective of the Year

Det. David Reed was named Detective of the Year. On the night of Nov. 19, 2021, Det. Reed investigated an aggravated assault that had occurred in the 900 block of Avenue E. Preliminary information revealed that a man was shot while standing outside his residence. No description of the shooter was available and Reed had little or no suspect information to go on. However, Det. Reed immediately began an extensive investigation, which yielded suspect information that identified a Mission Bend individual as the suspected shooter. The suspect also is believed to have committed other unsolved crimes in Fort Bend County. “There is no doubt Det. Reed’s investigation prevented future crimes from occurring, not only in Rosenberg but also in our neighboring (communities),” said Mayor Kevin Raines. “We’re very proud of Det. Reed. (His efforts are) very commendable.”


2021 Officer of The Year

Canine officer Josh Manriquez was named Officer of the Year. Officer Manriquez knew the Ulta Beauty Store in Brazos Town Center was often a target of thieves. So he began doing frequent checks on the business. On one Sunday evening while checking in on the business, he witnessed several individuals running from the business with large amounts of merchandise in their hands. The merchandise had been stolen. Manriquez detained the four thieves and found thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise from stores in other communities in their vehicle as well as an illegal firearm. “Officer Manriquez’s investigation cleared unsolved thefts in Rosenberg and many other (communities),” Raines said. “Officer Manriquez’s diligence in keeping our retail area safe is commendable and appreciated. I mean, he took four (thieves off the street), that’s commendable unto itself. We appreciate you so much for what you did.”

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