Needville junior high tennis players shine at district meet

The Needville Junior High School eighth-grade tennis team pictured: (back row, from left) Coach Briscoe, William Hallahan, Josiah Joplin, Chloe Hurta, Addyson Sherrill, Savanna Baker, Zoey Yackel, Wyatt Bennett, Coach Frick (middle row) Kiegen Sneath, Kaitlynn Tiemann, MeChale Mayberry, Adrian Cantu, Joselin Reyes, Landon Townes (front row) Ethan Brunner, Brylie Nesvadba and Lita Meyer. Not pictured: Scotty Garcia, Virgilio Ramos and Andrew Wright.

Under the direction of head coach Amy Briscoe and assistant coach Chris Frick, the Needville Junior High seventh and eighth-grade tennis players traveled to Wharton High School to play their district tennis tournament last month.

The seventh-grade girls’ singles bracket had stiff competition.

Needville No.1, Danica Tate, posted a victory in her first match against Sealy 4-1. In the quarter-finals, she lost to Sweeny 2-4. Needville No.2, Kylee Montalvo, was defeated by another Sealy player 2-4. Needville No. 3, Meadow Grimland, was beaten by El Campo 2-4. The seventh grade boys’ singles draw was very competitive. Needville No.1, Jett McKeller, was bested by the eventual champion from Stafford 2-4. Needville No.2, Aiden Evans, fell to El Campo in a heartbreaker 3-4.

Needville No.3, Marck Lopez, was beaten by Wharton 0-4. Needville seventh grade girls ruled the doubles division.

Needville No.1 duo, Josey Cantu and Makenzie Williams, started strongly, besting Wharton 4-1 in the quarter-final round. On a roll, they dominated over West Brazos in the semis 4-0. Then in the final, Cantu/Williams captured first place medals, as District Champions, in an excitingly close contest against teammates Needville No.2, Genesis Morales and Taylor Robeson, 4-3. Morales/Robeson were awarded second place medals.

On their long route, they beat Wharton 4-1. In the quarters, they defeated Sealy 4-0. Morales/Robeson continued their successes in the semi-finals against another Sealy team 4-1, before losing in the finals. The Needville No.3 tandem, Madelyn Martinez and Madison Moore, lost their first-round in tearjerker against a third Sealy team 3-4. There was some excitement in the seventh-grade boys’ doubles bracket. Needville No.1 partners Brant Rieger and Lane Stavinoha ran into an El Campo team who went to the finals, falling 0-4.

Needville junior high tennis players shine at district meet

The Needville Junior High School seventh-grade tennis team pictured: (back row, from left) Coach Briscoe, Jacob Pentecost, Austin Moran, Marck Lopez, Lane Stavinoha, Jett McKeller, Diego Hernandez, Aiden Evans, Coach Frick, (middle row) Taylor Robeson, Genesis Morales, Carly Awes, Makenzie Williams, Josey Cantu, Madison Moore, Adam Bartley and (front row) Danica Tate, Kyle Montalvo, Brant Rieger, Meadow Grimland and Madelyn Martinez.

The Needville No.2 duo, Diego Hernandez and Austin Moran, played Needville No.3 in the quarters, Adam Bartley and Jacob Pentecost, losing to them in a highly competitive contest 3-4. Bartley/Pentecost was victorious over Clute 4-0 in their first round. Then after winning in the quarter-finals against their teammates, they were defeated in the semis 0-4 by the same El Campo team who beat Needville No.1. T

he playoff for 3rd was not completed. In the eigth-grade girls’ singles division, two out of three Needville players medaled. Needville No.1, Lita Meyer, became district champ. She dominated in her first three matches, besting Sealy 4-0, defeating Freeport 4-0 in the quarters, and winning 4-0 in the semis against her Needville No.2 teammate, Zoey Yackel. The final against Stafford was an extremely close competition down to the very last point, with Meyer posting the victory 4-3.

Yackel had a strong start beating Wharton 4-0. In the quarters, she defeated another Freeport player 4-2. After losing in the semis, Yackel won the playoff for the third-place medal against El Campo 4-0.

Needville No.3, Mechale Mayberry, pulled out the victory in her first match 4-3 versus Bay City. Then in the quarters, Mayberry fell to El Campo 4-1. The eigth grade boys’ singles bracket had exciting encounters in a large draw. Needville No.1, Kiegen Sneath, beat Freeport 4-2 in the round of 16. In the quarters, Sneath lost to Stafford 2-4. Needville No.2, Ethan Brunner, posted a win against Bay City 4-1. In the round of 16, Brunner lost a tough tussle against another Freeport player 3-4. Needville No.3, Josiah Joplin, became district champ.

En route, he rousted Wharton 4-0 and then beat a third Freeport player 4-1 in the round of 16. In the quarter-finals, Joplin posted a victory against Sealy 4-2. On a roll, as he moved into the semis, he bested that Stafford player who had beaten Sneath 4-2. Joplin secured the first place medal in the final round against West Brazos, winning 4-2.

More medals were garnered in the eigth-grade girls’ doubles draw. Needville No.1 duo, Chloe Hurta and Joselin Reyes, started off with a solid win over Sealy 4-0. In the quarters, they rousted Freeport 4-1. Then in the semis, Hurta/Reyes was upset by Needville No.3 teammates, Savanna Baker and Kaitlynn Tiemann, 1-4. In the playoff for third place, Hurta/Reyes lost to another Freeport team 4-0, finishing in fourth place. Baker/Tiemann ended up securing second place medals. They pulled out their first match against another Sealy team in a close contest 4-3. In the quarter-final round, they bested Wharton 4-1.

After beating their teammates in the semis, they had a back-and-forth battle in the final versus El Campo, posting the loss of 3-4. Needville No.2 tandem Adrian Cantu and Brylie Nesvadba were victorious in their first match against Sealy 4-1.

They lost a heartbreaker in the quarters to the eventual third place from Freeport 3-4. In the eighth grade Boys’ Doubles division, two out of three Needville teams earned medals. Needville No.1 duo, Wyatt Bennett and Landon Townes, had a bye in the quarter-final round.

In the semis, they won a hard-fought battle against Needville No.2 teammates, Virgilio Ramos and Andrew Wright 4-3. In the final, Bennett/Townes secured second place medals after losing a tough one to El Campo 2-4. Ramos/Wright was victorious over another Sweeny team in quarters 4-1. In the playoff for third place, they secured their medals after losing to their teammates by defeating Sealy 4-3. Needville No.3, William Hallahan and Scotty Garcia, lost in the quarters to another Sweeny team 1-4.

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