When it comes to elections, Rosenberg City Council members don’t want to be pigeon holed.

And that’s exactly what a proposed Senate bill is trying to do.

At Tuesday’s meeting, council members voted to oppose Senate Bill No. 1661, which requires elections to be held in November of even numbered years.

If this bill were to be signed into law, the city would no longer be able to conduct elections for the mayor and council positions in May.

“The thing is, I recall the November ballot was very, very long,” Mayor Bill Benton said. “And guess who was at the bottom? The city of Rosenberg.

“In November ballots, cities lose their identities.”

The city of Rosenberg moved their election from May to November in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott proclaimed that local governments could move upcoming elections to the next uniform date in November without otherwise adjusting the term of office.

And in the election held in November, Rosenberg residents voted on a proposition stating that elections could be held in either May or November, to remedy a pandemic such as this.

“I’d like to keep it in May,” council member Herb Phelan said. “Holding it in November would bury our issues in a huge number of other issues that are not entirely local.

“Also, kind of philosophically, I really resent the gradual reduction of local control to either state, county or federal control.

“Our citizens know what’s best for us. So I’d rather we get a much more considered voter’s opinion in May.”

Council member Marc Morales then made a motion to oppose Senate Bill No. 1661. The motion was seconded by council member Tim Anders and passed unanimously.

The next regular Rosenberg City Council meeting will be held in person on May 4 at City Hall, 2110 Fourth St.

Seating will be limited; masks will be recommended and encouraged. There will be mandatory temperature checks.

Meetings can also be watched live on the city’s YouTube Channel “RosenbergTXGov,” on the city’s website at www.rosenbergtx.gov/tv, and on Comcast Channel 16 for residents within the city limits.

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