Two Rosenberg residents spoke against the censuring of councilman Isaac Davila at Tuesday night’s special city council meeting.

And one of those speakers is a former city council member herself.

“Isaac Davila, just like myself, was hand-chosen by Mayor (Bill) Benton,” former councilwoman Alice Jozwiak began. “Both of us, at some point, woke up and said, ‘this is not right. Something is not right.’

“Then Lisa (Wallingford) came along and she was chosen to run for District 3. Now Lisa is so frustrated that she has said, ‘I can’t take it any more, I’m getting out of here.’ And that’s sad.”

Wallingford resigned from council on Tuesday morning, effective immediately.

“You asked for me to run,” Jozwiak said to Benton. “But the minute I voted against you, everything changed.

“I, for one, have had enough. I have held back. I’ve reached a point now where I’m tired of holding back.

“Something’s got to change. This is ridiculous to do this to a person. It makes no sense to call a special meeting that costs citizens close to $3,000.

“Isaac, I think you’re a great councilman. You don’t represent just your district. You take it seriously enough that you represent all of Rosenberg. That’s the sign of a good councilman.”

Rosenberg resident James Urbish said he couldn’t believe the state of affairs Rosenberg City Council has reached.

“(Council is) going to try to censure a council person,” Urbish started.

“The fact of the matter is probably every one of y’all deserves worse than that.

“You’ve had your hands all over every candidate,” Urbish said to Benton. “Your work has changed these council members. These people were people you brought in here and you can’t seem to work with them.

“And I’m beginning to wonder if you’re the problem here.

“We have to compromise to get things done in this city. I think you need to forget censuring this man and get ready to do work.

“Get some stuff done and quit playing these silly games up here. It’s an embarrassment.”

At Tuesday’s special meeting, council — reduced by two members — voted unanimously to censure Davila. The motion was made by Olson and seconded by DeGregorio.

The special meeting was requested by Benton.

Council member Kevin Raines left before the meeting began and Davila was barred from voting in a matter pertaining to himself.

Censuring does not equate to removing a council member from office, but it does indicate clear disapproval of someone.

The next regular city council meeting will be held Dec. 17 at City Hall, 2110 Fourth St.

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