Pet parents and No Kill supporters ought to thank the current council for appointing people with the right skill and mind sets to propel the Animal Advisory Board to be the best board in the region. It is time to restore stability after recent episodes of turmoil filled with incendiary politics.

Former adviser Carolyn Seiler was correct about “heart, time and resources” being requirements. Creativity and willingness to collaborate are equally important. However, untamed tongues and slandering are not desired.

Applicants who have received cease and desist orders are most definitely not compatible to Article 1 Item 4 of the new by-law which commissions “collaboration between the City and private citizens, institutions, and agencies interested in or actively conducting activities relating to animal welfare in the region for the benefit of the Rosenberg Animal Shelter.”

Another violation observed was official oppression. Article 3 Item 6 mandates an individual member NOT to “act in any official capacity except through the action of the Board.” Former Councilor Amanda Barta, via email, commanded shelter employees to pull out from adoption events for no good reason.

“Lines Drawn in Battle Over Rosenberg Animal Shelter” (Houston Press) dated Aug 2nd, 2016 , wrote about former adviser Seiler’s public comment of “there is no such thing as a no-kill shelter.” It was then suggested to her to visit Friends For Life, a “wildly successful” No Kill shelter in Houston Heights to explore the “mainstreamed” philosophy.

In 2018 Fall, when the opportunity to tour FFL was offered by the board to learn innovative life saving programs, Seiler blatantly declined. Dr. Alejandro Aguirre and Rudy Cuellar also did not show interests.

I personally and professionally applaud the new council for looking deep into qualifications. They appointed advisers who will be busy in finding solutions to help save lives instead of creating more problems.

Claudine Vass, Founder

Fort Bend Pets Alive!

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