Grand and reserve champ livestock fetches $83,700 at Fair’s junior auction

Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Meyers and former Fulshear city council woman Tricia Krenek pitched in to buy the grand champion AOB (All Other Breed) steer from Brance Farrell during the 2019 Fort Bend County Fair Junior Auction on Thursday. Joining them in the photo are staff members Robert Pechukas and Chris Elam, Fort Bend County Fair Queen Zoë Holden and Fort Bend County Fair Association President Marjorie Pollard.

Needville High School senior Macie Bean has a knack for raising livestock. Her grand champion lamb fetched $4,000 at the Junior Livestock Auction on Thursday, and she raised the grand champion lamb last year. Oh, yeah, she’s also raised prize-winning rabbits and hogs in the past.

But Macie isn’t interested in turning her gift for animal husbandry into an occupation. She wants to be a nurse.

“I want to help people,” she said.

The champion and reserve champion livestock brought in $83,700 at the auction Thursday. By contrast, bidders last year purchased grand and reserve champion animals for $111,500.

Last year, the top steer sold for $13,000. Still, bidding on Thursday was spirited.

2019 Grand champion American steer

George Ranch High School sophomore Christie Koerth, 15, a member of the George Ranch FFA, sold her grand champion American steer to the S.O.L.E. Sisters buyers group for $7,000 during Thursday night’s Junior Livestock Auction.

2019 Grand champion English steer

Compression Components Inc. purchased the grand champion English steer for $9,000 from Needville HIgh School senior Kelton Poe, a member of the Needville FFA. From left are Crystal and Eric Huegele, Poe, Fort Bend County Fair Queen Zoë Holden and Fort Bend County Fair Association President Marjorie Pollard.

2019 Grand champion goat

Zane Atkinson, a member of the Needville Junior FFA, sold his grand champion goat to state Rep. Phil Stephenson for $4,000 during the 2019 Fort Bend County Fair Junior Livestock Auction on Thursday. From left are Fair Queen Zoë Holden and Fort Bend County Fair Association President Marjorie Pollard, Zane, Stephenson and fiancé Sue Geick.

Candidates for public office took the opportunity to bid on livestock in hopes of getting some exposure. Local businesses opened their pocketbooks to help kids out as well. Generous bidders purchased 188 animals — steers, goats, lambs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and pigs. Many contributed “add-ons” to winning bids — $100- $500 extra to increase the amount kids take home.

Fulshear High School sophomore Reaghan Bucek, 15, was all smiles after the Booth Family bought her grand champion turkey for $4,000. Not bad for someone who’s never raised a turkey before this year. She plans to use her earnings to go to college and study veterinary medicine.

The S.O.L.E. Sisters buyers group, which was founded only a month before the auction, purchased numerous prize-winning livestock on Thursday, and plans to spend the remainder of their funds at the Freezer Sale on Saturday.

“We intend to spend every cent we raised at the Junior Auction buying animals or as add-ons, and at the Freezer Sale,” said Jill Davis, one of 36 S.O.L.E. Sisters. “When the Fair is over we will have a zero balance in our account.”

She said the group plans to spend the coming year raising more money to help more kids during the 2020 Fair. The S.O.L.E. Sisters purchased two of the top 20 animals. 

They paid $7,000 for George Ranch High School student’s Christie Koerth’s grand champion American steer and $2,500 for Dulles High School student Jaren Dioquino’s reserve champion pen of rabbits. Needville students finished 11 of the top 20 spots.

Here’s who showed the grand and reserve champion livestock, and who purchased the animals and at what price, before add-ons:

■ Christie Koerth, George Ranch FFA, grand champion American steer, S.O.L.E. Sisters, $7.000.

■ Kelton Poe, Needville FFA, grand champion English steer, Compression Components Inc., $9,000.

■ Brance Farrell, Needville Junior FFA, grand champion AOB steer, Precinct 3 County Commissioner Andy Meyers and former Fulshear city council member Tricia Krenek, $7,000.

■ Brody Sebesta, Big Creek 4-H, grand champion roaster, state Rep. Phil Stephenson, $3,000.

■ Skylar Butler, Needville 4-H, grand champion pen of rabbits, Brown & Gay Engineers, $3,000.

■ Cale Zwahr, Needville FFA, grand champion swine, Compression Components Inc., $5,000.

■ Malorie Kveton, Needville Jr. FFA, grand champion pen of broilers, Dr. Tamara Osina Felenski, DDS, $3,000.

■ Macie Bean, Needville 4-H, grand champion lamb, Ventara Development, $4,000.

■ Reaghan Bucek, Fulshear FFA, grand champion turkey, $4,000, the Booth family.

■ Zane Atkinson, Needville Junior FFA, grand champion goat, state Rep. Phil Stephenson, $4,000.

■ Keylan Poe, Needville Jr. FFA, reserve champion American steer, Schulze’s BBQ, $5,000.

■ Layne Meyer, Big Creek 4-H, reserve champion English steer, the Thelan family, $5,000.

■ Kyler Teykl, Needville FFA, reserve champion AOB steer, Costello Inc., $4,800.

■ Bethany Bromonsky, Needville FFA, reserve champion roaster, Finnegan Auto., $3,000.

■ Jason Dioquino, Dulles FFA, reserve champion pen of rabbits, S.O.L.E. Sisters, $2,500.

■ Owen Kaminski, 4-H Youth Pork Producers, reserve champion swine, Pediatric Dentist of Katy, $1,200.

■ Wyatt Faist, Wild West 4-H, reserve champion pen of broilers, Brown & Gay Engineers, $1,500.

■ Hailey Westmoreland, Travis Junior FFA, reserve champion lamb, Molina Club Lambs, $4,300.

■ McKensie Salinas, Terry FFA, reserve champion turkey, Inspired Behavior Health, $4,000. ■ Wyatt Boyd, Foster FFA, reserve champion goat, Capital Farm Credit, $3,700.

Needville High School senior Kelton Poe’s grand champion English steer was purchased for $9,000 by Compression Components Inc.

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