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Richmond city leaders are reaching out to local businesses to find out how they are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the city can do to ease their burden.

An online survey by the city asks business owners 10 questions designed to elicit information that the city can use to help them survive the economic shutdown.

“Your business matters to us,” the survey says. “Please take the time to share information about your business to help us understand the impact of COVID-19 on the Richmond business community. Your responses to this survey will allow us to better review and modify city processes and/ or policies to foster support and better serve the community.”

The information submitted will be kept confidential and businesses owners may skip any question they prefer not to answer.

A summary of the findings will be shared with the public.

“The city chose to survey our businesses so we could hear from them directly and have an understanding of their specific concerns,” said Michelle Moore, communications director for the city. “Especially during COVID-19 it is imperative we are in communication with the Richmond businesses, and would hope their input would give us direction to their most pressing concerns.”

That direction includes possible resources the city could offer.

“As we collect the information we will look for ways we could reach out for necessary tools and resources to help them and continue to direct them to resources available and posted on our website and the Development Corp website if they had not tapped into those resources,” Moore explained.

“We are also learning from our businesses how they would like to be communicated to.” Business owners who want to takethe survey will find it online at forms/richmond-covid19-impact-survey/

Here are the 10 questions:

1. Have you experienced any impact on your business as a result of COVID-19?

— My business/company has seen a decline in business as a result of COVID-19

— My business/company has seen an increase in business as a result of COVID-19

— COVID-19 has had no impact on my business

1A. Is your business currently…

— Open (full capacity)

— Open (operating under revised services)

— Closed

1B. What steps has your business taken so far in response to COVID-19? (check all that apply)

— Modified Production/Services Offered

— Special offers for customers/clients

— Employees working remotely

— Employees furloughed

— Business has not made any changes

— Business closed due to County Order

— Business closed due to financial difficulties from COVID-19

— Other (please specify)

2. Estimate the percentage of your workforce that your business has laid-off or furloughed due to COVID-19 since March 1, 2020.

— 0%

— Less than 20%

— 21-40%

— 41-60%

— 61-80%

— 81-100%

— not applicable

3. Estimate the decrease in revenue that your business has experienced due to COVID-19 since March 1, 2020.

— 0 %

— Less than 20%

— 21-40%

— 41-60%

— 61-80%

— 81-100%

4. Do you anticipate reopening your business within a week of the shelter-in-place being lifted?

— Yes

— No

— Unsure at this time

5. Do you anticipate needing financial assistance for your business as a result of COVID-19?

— Yes

— No

— Unsure at this time

6. Has your business applied for any of the following COVID-19 financial assistance programs?

— My business has not applied for any financial assistance

— Paycheck Protection Program (US Small Business Administration)

— Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (US Small Business Administration)

— State of Texas Programs

— Private Grant or Loan Programs

— Other (please specify if your business has applied for more than one of the above programs)

7. Which of these areas are your most pressing concerns as a business? (Check all that apply.)

— Debt Relief — Insurance for Employees

— Payroll Expenses

— Rent/Lease/Mortgage Expenses

— Revenue/Cash Flow

— Taxes (Property, Liquor, etc)

— Utility Expenses (i.e. electric, water, phones, etc)

— Equipment Needed (i.e. food storage, technology to move businesses processes online, etc)

— Human Resources (i.e. medical insurance, layoffs)

— Vendor/Supply Chain Disruptions

— Workforce Availability

— Other (please specify)

8. Approximately how long can you operate at this current level?

— Less than one month

— 1- 3 months

— 3 - 6 months

— 6 - 12 months

9. Do you have any comments or suggestions for how the City of Richmond can assist you through the COVID-19 crisis and recovery?

10. How would you like to communicate and get information from the City of Richmond?

— Facebook

— Website

— eblast

— Optional Information...

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