In the last four weeks, Fulshear authorities have received reports of five stolen cars and 10 auto burglaries.

This epidemic of vehicular crime shows no sign of abating. The most recent break-ins occurred from 2-2:30 a.m. on Wednesday. During that time, two cars were stolen and three vehicles were burglarized.

All the targeted vehicles were located on the west side of the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision.

In each case the car doors were left unlocked. The stolen cars had the key fobs still inside the vehicle. One of the vehicles had a pistol stolen from it.

The thieves went door-to-door looking for unlocked cars using cellphones as flashlights. Cross Creek Ranch is only one of the subdivisions to experience an increased number of auto burglaries.

Thieves have also been targeting cars in the Churchill Farms and Pineville Ranch subdivisions. Police believe that the thieves use stolen cars to travel between the subdivisions.

Police also believe that approximately four to five people are working together to commit the crimes, according to a statement issued by Fulshear Police Chief Kenny Seymour in July.

“They appear to be very brazen, they don’t seem to care how much attention they bring to themselves,” Seymour said in July.

Despite the high number of incidents, authorities have not been able to get a description of the thieves. However, eyewitness reports and surveillance footage show them wearing long sleeve, hooded sweatshirts.

The thieves’ choice of unseasonably warm attire may make them easy to identify, according to Seymour.

Area residents are encouraged to call the police is they see anything suspicious. Residents are also encouraged to lock their vehicles, take their car keys and any valuables inside their homes.

“We know and hope you feel safe out here, and that’s a good feeling, but you have to help us,” a post on the department’s Facebook page read. Since the first break-ins were reported in late July, the Fulshear Police Department has increased neighborhood patrols and has been working with closely with other area law enforcement agencies.

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