Amy Jones believes dreams come true.

She also believes in miracles, even if they take over 40 years to become reality.

Her story begins when she was put up for adoption. Her birth parents were young and unmarried, and they thought they were giving their daughter a better start in life with a married couple.

Her adoptive mother passed away when she was in elementary school, and her adoptive father later remarried a woman who did not want children.

Amy spent her early teenage years living with family friends until she left high school. There was always something missing, but she made the best of each situation.

As soon as she could, Amy struck out on her own and put herself through college to become an educator. She wanted to help children who needed what she’d needed but seldom received – encouragement and a reason to believe life could get better.

She met Greg Jones, and they fell in love and married. She gained a daughter, and then their son came along.

Amy’s life was following a predictable path, except there was always a giant hole — what about her birth parents?

One evening, for her birthday, some friends gave her a DNA ancestry kit, and Amy submitted it.

She was stunned when the results led her to a person who narrowed the possible number of couples that could be her parents to five.

Amy was even more stunned when she found out the truth.

Her birth parents had subsequently married and had two sons, one of whom had passed away. She now knew who her birth parents were and where they lived.

Amy gathered her courage and contacted her birth father, Paul. Instead of the rebuff she expected, Paul was overjoyed he’d finally found his daughter.

He told Amy he’d thought about her every single day, and grieved for the holidays, birthdays and special occasions they’d missed sharing over the years.

However, her birth mother wanted nothing to do with the daughter she’d given away.

But Paul said he had 42 years of catching up to do, and he meant to do just that.

Since they found each other a year ago, he regularly sends Amy white roses and gifts that he would have given her for birthdays or Christmas. Paul calls her every day to see how she is doing and shares photos and thoughts about life with his daughter.

Of all the events in her life he’d missed, Paul said the biggest was not walking his only daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Greg and Amy Jones renew their vows on a football field with friends and family looking on. The moment was made more special because Amy’s fat…

A couple of months ago, Paul told Amy he might have an opportunity to meet his grandson and son-in-law in person. Amy started thinking that the biggest event he missed could be re-created with a vow renewal.

Amy and Greg had already thought of a good way to celebrate their upcoming 20-year wedding anniversary, and making her father’s dream – and hers – come true seemed perfect.

Without telling her father, and only having a few days before the visit was confirmed, she ordered a wedding dress on Amazon, lined up her team, a minister, and reserved the football field where Greg coaches.

With football being such a large part of the Jones family, Amy knew this was the “Game Day” God had planned for all of them. The field was the perfect aisle for her to walk “down the aisle” with her father.

Football represented the wins, losses, fumbles, and touchdowns in their lives, ending with Paul giving her away to Greg with an emotional embrace in the end zone almost 20 years after they first said, “I do.”

If she could pull the festivities off, Amy could make her father’s dream of walking his daughter down the aisle come true.

On the night of the ceremony, Paul thought they were going out to eat. When he walked in the door and saw his daughter in her full-length white wedding gown, he was speechless.

Amy was thrilled – she’d pulled off surprising Dad. Both were trying to understand they would finally share the one walk so many fathers and daughters dream about.

On a chilly fall evening, a small group of family and friends walked onto the football field at George Ranch High School. To the sound of the song that was playing when Amy first found Paul, a small group of friends walked down the field first.

They were followed by everyone’s children who were all holding hands and giggling as they made the walk down the middle of the field to where Greg, their son and the minster were waiting.

Lastly, as Amy and Paul, father and daughter, made their way down the field, there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. Greg and Amy exchanged vows underneath the goal posts, as everyone laughed and cried.

Amy holds no animosity toward her birth mother. In fact, she’s grateful.

“She gave me life, and I thank God that I’m here because of her,” Amy said.

There are family members who don’t know about her yet, but Amy’s in no hurry. She trusts God’s timing and believes in miracles.

She waited over 40 years to find her father, and he waited over 40 years for his daughter to find him.

The wait, they both believe, was worth it.

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