Smith Elementary journalism class contributes to campus newsletter

Smith Elementary School started a journalism class this semester. Fifth-graders who are learning about journalism are, from left, Jonathen Milton, Justin Campos, Alexsander Gutierrez, Kylee Gibson, Jimena Cortez. The students are writing stories and drawing editorials for the campus newsletter.

Smith Elementary School Kylee Gibson, 10, interviewed a school counselor for the campus newsletter.

Classmate Jonathan Milton, 10, wrote an editorial on global warming from a kid’s point of view.

Alexsander Gutierrez penned an editorial cartoon.

The students are enrolled in the school’s journalism class, offered for the first time this fall. The class is overseen by Jillian Haberman.

“I’m just the facilitator. I really just guide them,” she explained. “They do all the work themselves.”

The course is the brainchild of Gibson, who saw it as a natural extension of a book writing project in her fourth-grade year.

“We were writing ‘A Cracked Fair Tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears” last spring and I thought, wow, this is fun. I wonder what other writing project we could do at school.”

She approached the book’s writing coach and pitched the idea of a journalism class where students could hone their writing skills.

The class meets each morning from 7-7:30 in Haberman’s classroom where they discuss the story and editorial ideas and work on their writing and sketching projects.

Joining Gibson, Alexsander and Gutierrez in the class are Jimena Cortez, 11, and Justin Campos, 10.

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