Neill Elementary School is currently overcrowded as Fort Bend ISD is considering rezoning some students as the district offers students the opportunity to return to campuses.

The district is working on offering students who chose digital education in the fall semester to return to campus for in-person education in January.

Parents have until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday to send a request form to FBISD to make that change, or stay in virtual learning. But to allow more students to return to campuses during the COVID-19 pandemic means that some students may have to be moved to another campus to accommodate social distancing measures.

Supt. Dr. Charles Dupre said last week that campuses starting on Friday will start to build schedules for students that request to return to campus, and determine if there is room for that student at that campus.

“Following this analysis, if a campus reaches maximum capacity, campuses will have procedures in place to support keeping students at their home campuses, which may include reallocating spaces within the school, reconfiguring classrooms and partitioning larger common areas and flex spaces,” Dupre said. “We understand the connection students and families have with their home campus and want to maintain as much stability as possible for our students and staff.”

Dupre added that campuses would communicate with families about their options near the winter break, which may include a transfer to another school or staying in online education.

According to a district report last month, Neill Elementary is already overcrowded and could have some students moved for the next semester.

Neill is currently at 109% capacity, which is the third-most overcrowded school in Fort Bend ISD, with Sullivan Elementary School in Sugar Land at 111% and Ridgemont Elementary in Houston also at 109%.

FBISD also made some changes to the spring semester, with Thursday, Jan. 7 as the first day of education resuming from the winter break, and spring break extending two weeks for students from March 15-26.

March 22-26 will be in-service days for teachers.

The last day of school is now June 4, with the last teaching day on June 5.

“Due to the dual learning models offered during the pandemic, and because parents have the opportunity to request a change to their student’s learning model at the beginning of each grading period, the new calendar provides transitions by allowing additional time for teacher planning and preparation of our technology systems that support teaching and learning,” Dupre said.

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