Foster High School yearbook recognized

The 2021-22 Foster High Yearbook staff, from left, front row: Jayden Hubbell (junior asst. editor), Isabella Babba (senior editor-in-chief), Maya Lenderman (senior asst. editor), Claire Frazier (junior editor-in-chief); Second row: Angelina Britt, Hannia Sanchez, Alandra Garza, Onajite Okiti; Back row: Catherine Broussard, Kaainaat Meghani, Abbiihjah Oyeoku, Maegan Carroll, Whitney Smith; Advisers not pictured: Danielle Bell, Chelsie Donahue (co-adviser). Principal at Foster is Jerry Kipping.

A school yearbook is one of the few areas where students can create an idea in August and, seven months later, hold that idea in their hands as a printed yearbook. For one high school in Lamar CISD, not only did the Foster staff create a printed memory of the school year, they have been recognized on a national level for their 2021-22 yearbook “anyway.”

Principal Jerry Kipping received a letter from Rebecca Castillo, Assistant Director Columbia Scholastic Press Association, CSPA. The letter congratulated the Talon staff for being named a Crown Award Finalist. A Crown award is the highest recognition given by the CSPA for print or digital media.

“I am so incredibly proud of the staff of this book,” said Danielle Bell who was the adviser for the Foster staff. “They have not only made school history but also district history, and their tenacity and creativity are so amazing. To be associated with them as their adviser is truly a blessing.”

The Talon staff has been invited to attend a special awards ceremony in New York City during the 99th annual Spring Convention. The event will be held on Columbia University’s campus in New York City from Wednesday, March 15, through Friday, March 17, 2023.

The staff will receive either a gold or silver Crown award at the ceremony.

“This is an impressive feat, as CSPA’s Board of Judges selected only 225 finalists from over 800 entries submitted from across the country and around the world. Not every publication that enters is selected as a Crown finalist,” Castillo stated. Bell was thrilled with the recognition.

“Not only is this the first-ever national award win for any LCISD journalism program, but of the 16 Texas high schools who won a Crown, Foster is the only high school in the entire Houston area named,” Bell said. “The Talon is among the top yearbooks in the entire country, and that is no small feat.”

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