Rosenberg police officers and firefighters may get extra paid time off for working through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city’s employee benefits committee just has to work out a few kinks first.

At the May Rosenberg City Council workshop meeting, council members discussed additional paid leave time for public safety employees who worked in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This item was placed on the agenda by council member Jacob Balderas.

He explained that the city should provide additional paid leave time to firefighters and police officers on duty during the time period from March 24 to May 11.

During this time period, many other city employees were placed onto an alternating work schedule to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus in the workplace.

“Basically, city employees were working one day on and one day off,” Balderas continued. “However, public safety (employees) were told they can’t take time off. The suggestion here is they get 15 days paid time off.”

City Manager John Maresh said the employee benefits committee should look into this before council takes action.

“The other thing I’d like to add is there are other employees that worked this whole time,” Maresh said.

“Construction was considered an essential service. It wasn’t just police and fire that had to work, it was other employees as well that were considered essential services.

“Some employees were working on an alternating schedule, but they were working from home. They just weren’t in the office those days.

Balderas said he was open to other city employees receiving the same benefits he was proposing.

Council member Richard Olson suggested bringing this item to the employee benefits committee.

“Let’s bring it to the committee,” council member Kevin Raines echoed. “That way we can discuss it with HR to see what other cities are doing.”

The rest of council concurred.

Council members Tim Anders, Olson and Raines sit on the employee benefits committee.

The next council meeting will be July 7 at City Hall, located at 2110 Fourth St.

Citizens will not be allowed to attend council meetings, but can still ask questions via letters, telephone or email.

Email comments to

Meetings can be watched live on the city’s YouTube Channel “RosenbergTXGov,” on the city’s website at, and on Comcast Channel 16 for residents within the city limits.

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