Wipes clog pipes

City of Richmond utility workers pulled this clog of wipes out of the pipes leading to the sewage treatment plant. They warn residents that wipes clog pipes.

We appreciate that citizens are following guidelines with use of wipes and disinfecting surfaces with paper towels; however, we need to remind everyone wipes and paper towels cannot be flushed down toilets because they clog the sewage system. Even flushable wipes are not flushable- they do not break down in the pipes like they are advertised to do.

People nationwide, including in Richmond Texas, are having to use other products due to shortage on toilet paper, so we need to realize none of these other products can go into the toilets. Anything other than toilet paper needs to go into a trash bag- not the toilet. Wastewater representatives are educating us that even facial wipes don’t break down like toilet paper and can add to clogged pipes. Keep a trash bag in your bathroom and put all other products into the trash bags.

Let us all do our part and keep our pipes unclogged and our sewage system operating properly for everyone. Wastewater treatment professionals are reminding us all by using the hashtag #WipesClogPipes.

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