The state of Texas reopening after flattening the curve of the pandemic means life is slowly getting back to normal.

And it’s starting to show in more ways than one.

My dating apps are going crazy.

I’m getting like after like, swipe after swipe.

People are ready to date again and... I think I’m among them.

When the boy I’d been dating long-distance broke up with me in April, I was devastated.

I mean, how could someone do something as heinous as breaking my heart in the middle of a quarantine?!

It took a week or so, but I was over it more quickly than expected.

Which meant I was ready to get back out there.

The only problem was the whole country was shut down.

I decided to re-download my dating apps anyway and put some feelers out there.

But... nothing. With no end of self isolation in sight, people weren’t ready to match on the apps.

And I didn’t blame them.

So, when Gov. Greg Abbott announced plans to slowly re-open the economy, and more importantly the bars, I quickly matched with guys and got to flirting.

Last weekend, a boy we’ll call Mark and I not only matched, but also connected on a deeper level. We had the same taste in movies and books and music and the conversation flowed easily.

And then he asked me out.

Dinner. This Thursday.

Like, in public.

I was freaking out.

What if I forgot how to talk to guys? What if my favorite going-out top didn’t fit any more?

What if he was a jerk in person?

There were so many questions racing through my mind, I almost forgot to respond to him.


I group texted my friends and we got straight to work.

So far, we have the perfect outfit picked out. I dusted off my trendiest heels and dug through my cosmetics bag to find my mascara.

I haven’t gone out since February.

And I’m scared I’m going to blow it on Thursday.

This first date is more than a first date.

It’s like being a débutante. It’s my societal debut. My christening back into reality.

OK, maybe I’m going overboard.

But can you blame me?

I haven’t had a crush in more than a month.

I haven’t had a reason to get cute in more than three.

And I haven’t gone on a first date since last year.

I’m not sure how things are going to go on Thursday.

What I do know is that I’m excited.

Even if Mark isn’t The One, he’s the one who is bringing me out of my shell again.

This new normal is weird.

I’ll have my face mask in my bag and hand sanitizer ready for the squirting.

All I have to do now is hope for the best.

Wish me luck!

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