Residents’ petition to bring the US Army Corps of Engineers to Jones Creek, signed by 431 property owners, voters and taxpayers, has been shelved by Fort Bend County Judge KP George, and is being ignored by Commissioners Andy Meyers, Vincent Morales, Ken DeMerchant, and Grady Prestage.

Corps engineers would have provided review and oversight against conflicts of interest inherent in Freese and Nicols Engineering providing the latest 3.8 million dollar “study” of the Jones Creek Watershed.

F&N is a vendor to both Fort Bend County and to Gulf Coast Water Authority, and it designed and built the spillway in Golden Rod Subdivision that is blocking natural drainage in Jones Creek.

The scope of the F&N study, as written, omits any part of Jones Creek where the water authority operates, and omits any engineering review of the spillway itself, thereby ignoring the extent to which the spillway, and by extension water authority operations, contribute to or cause flooding in the watershed.

In April 2019 we met with Corps enginners and with Fort Bend County Drainage District’s Mark Vogler.

By Mr. Vogler’s report, Judge George entertained a public assistance role by Corps Engineers, which was something of a compromise from earlier stances at the county in which they flatly refused to invite Corps engineers. in for a review of the watershed.

We agreed to this compromise and to support the decision.

Anticipating further resistance from Commissioners Court, we made a petition drive in order to demonstrate popular support for the move.

We delivered (and we have the receipts to prove it) what is easily the largest petition delivered to county officials, on any topic, in decades.

And now we’re being ignored.

Jones E. Copeland


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