Need help paying for child care?

Many Fort Bend families are eligible for additional child care assistance via Workforce Solutions’ 12-month financial aid program for working men and women.

Programs such as these were typically offered to low income leaving many in the service industry without the assistance they may have needed.

Gingerbread Kids Academy Director Tim Kaminski sees those families still struggling on a daily basis even with the vaccines available and social life returning to normal.

“The unique thing about this program is that previously you had to be in that low-income bracket to be eligible for the program and there was a waitlist,” Kaminski said. “This program primarily targets those in that service industry and opens to a totally different group of people. This is for the people who make above that median line where they otherwise wouldn’t qualify.”

The Service Industry Recovery Child Care program eligibility includes at least one parent employed in arts, entertainment, and recreation accommodations, food services, and retail trade, according to Workforce Solutions.

One-parent households with children younger than 13 or 19 if disabled must be working a minimum of 25 hours per week and a two-parent household must be working a total of 50 hours per week to qualify. The family’s gross income must be at or below 75 percent of the State Median Income. For example, a single parent and a child are set at $3,629 monthly income and $43,549 yearly while a family of four is set at $5,337 monthly income and $64,043 yearly.

The statewide program is different from county officials extending the childcare voucher program last week, Kaminski said.

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