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How has everyone’s new year started off? The parents are cheering, the kiddos are back in school. I have to say my new years has not started off the way I would have wished. And I even ate my black-eyed peas for good luck…. But so far, it’s been more bad than good.

As an animal lover and owner, you know that you’re likely to outlive your pets… but that doesn’t make it any easier when you lose one.

My blue healer, Dakota, passed this Tuesday morning unexpectedly. She was not feeling well on Saturday so a trip to the vet was in order.

A follow up exam on Monday and blood tests revealed she was a very sick baby. Before we could ultra sound her on Tuesday afternoon and figure out what was happening and how to heal her, she crossed the rainbow doggie bridge. Needless to say, it’s been a rough week with thousands and thousands of tears for me and my family.

Dakota got me through so many life events including my daughter leaving for college, my divorce, then daughter moving to Dallas.

Through it all, Dakota was my best 4-legged friend. They are more than just animals, they are our family. Dakota has hit me hard and left a hole a mile wide in our hearts!

A shout out to Rosenberg Vet Clinic and Dr. Bill Hester for their help and support.

On to more happy moments…..Here’s what’s happening.

Pecan Grove’s Lovely Ladies

I cover this group quite a bit because they are so active in our area. But if you have the desire to meet some fantastic women and get a little more involved in our neighborhood, this is an excellent group to consider.

The Pecan Grove Women’s Club will meet Tuesday, February 12th, at the Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club. We welcome you to join us at 9:30 a.m. for coffee and visiting. The program will follow after our 10:00 a.m. business meeting. Our program speaker will be Lisa Hadden, owner of Simply Contained, and she will be demonstrating how to design with and care for succulent container gardens. As an avid container gardener, Lisa has built a business creating custom succulent arrangements for both indoors and outdoors. Are you fascinated by succulents but haven’t had the best of luck keeping them alive? Or maybe you’re an avid gardener looking for a new project? Please join us for this very fun and informative meeting.

Join us for lunch by calling or emailing Kay McNinch at 281-238-4002 (kkmcninch@yahoo.com) or Linda Saad at 281-342-8575 (lindasaad@gmail.com) to make reservations. Reservations need to be made by Friday, February 8th. The program is free and the cost for lunch is $15.00.

Please note: A country club membership is not necessary to visit or join the Women’s Club. We welcome all women in the Pecan Grove area who enjoy laughter, conversation and who want to become further involved in their community

Getting it in Gear

So over the past years, y’all remember how big our family was into softball. Many of our lovely young ladies in Pecan Grove are, as well, and registration for the local softball league, Rose-Rich Girls’ Softball Association is open on line now thru January 18th and will be holding “in-person” registration Saturday January 12th from 10 AM — 2 PM out at the softballs fields located in George Park, Richmond, Texas. Try-outs are January 19th with practice beginning on January 21st. Every girl that tries out will make a team… Try-outs are simply used to balance the talent and keep the teams even and competitive.

Age divisions are determined by your child’s age as of December 31, 2018. Tee ball Age 3-4, 6U Age 5-6, 8U Age 7-8, 10U Age 9-10, 12U Age 11-12, 14U+ Age 13-14. Fees are $125 for T-Ball and $220.00 for all other ages.

The registration fee covers uniforms, playing and umpire fees, field maintenance, concession workers and raffle tickets. A payment plan is available for registration, see website for details.

Rose Rich is celebrating our 2019 Opening Day on Saturday February 23rd! Opening Ceremonies begin at 9am sharp with games starting afterwards. The season runs through April 6th and ends with an end of season tournament the next week. For parents who might be traveling for spring break, no games are played during the break. RRGSA invites you to visit their website at www.rrgsa.com for more information.

Yippee, the season is fast approaching.

And lastly…..

I wanted to make a few closing remarks though. The information I get for this column most times seems to be either feast or famine. Sometimes stories fall in my lap, but most the time, I go looking for things that are good to pass along. I challenge all of you to communicate better in our area and let me know what’s going on. Use me… I’m a great tool for getting your word or story out. Parents… I know your kiddos are achieving great things, let’s pass along the good news.

Organizations that are holding fundraisers; we can all help each other. I hear a lot and keep my ear to the ground, but I miss a lot, too. One of my new year’s resolutions (one of many, lol) is to get more personal with some of you and find out more of what’s going on. Girls Scouts, boy scouts, baseball, softball teams, churches, parents… this means you!!!!

I look forward to hearing from all of you! Enjoy your week and hopefully we’ll have lots to cheer about. That’s it for this week. I can be reached at mcfbherald@yahoo.com.

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