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Well Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to the sweltering summer heat! Air conditioning unit can be heard running all day and the local pools are full of children trying to stay cool. Ahh, tis the season.

So here’s what’s happening in our area: It’s all about the Fire Department with their annual event. Each year we have a lot of families moving into our area. Make sure your new neighbor’s know where the fun is on the 4th!

PGFD Five Miles My Way

It’s here. It is time again for the PGFD’s Annual “Five Miles My Way.” The idea is for each participant to do a five-mile course as he or she chooses…running, biking, skating, or walking (three miles for walkers in the interest of time). No motorized vehicles allowed! Prizes are awarded in each category, and a T-shirt is given to each participant, while supply lasts.

Registration is taking place each Saturday and Sunday at the TreeHouse Day care at the Plantation side of the Randall’s parking lot from 10 am to 3 pm. They will be registering all that wish to sign up. those last minute people that wish to enter at the fire station on Pitts Rd.

The race participants will meet at the Country Club parking lot at 7:00 am SHARP on July 4th. Please be prompt so they can get things started on time. The decorated bicycle contest will be judged at 7:15 am. Bicyclist & Skaters approximate race start time is 7:20 am. Runners & Walkers approximate race start time is 7:25 am.

We’ll finish celebrating July 4th at 9:00pm-ish or dusk with the Pecan Grove Fireworks Display. This annual event had to be cancelled last year because of the drought but it is back on this year. Come ooooh and ahhhhh each burst and boom as the night sky is lights up.

On line registration is available as well. For additional information, call the fire station’s non-emergency number, (281)341-6677. Avoid lines the day of the race! Early check-in will be available on Sunday, June 30th from 4:30 — 6:30 pm and Tuesday July 2nd from 6-9pm at Station 1 on Pitts Rd. Stop by, verify your info, receive your race number and online registrants can pick up their t-shirts. Please share with your friends and neighbors, as we highly encourage all participants to take advantage of early check-in..

Sign up now! Don’t miss the fun! Enjoy July 4th and join with your family, friends, and hundreds of your neighbors and take on the challenge of “Five Miles My Way,” and get a T-Shirt to prove it.

That’ll be a wrap for this week. If anything exciting is going on, please send me an email and let me know. I can be reached at mcfbherald@yahoo.com.

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