Fort Bend County Marriage Applications for July 20, 2021 follows.

July 20:

Marius Van Eeden and Bethany Carinne Mock.

Jasmine Nashay Myers and Anthony Calvin Martin.

Lauren Rachel Swindell and Jordan Kathleen Gauthier.

Deandria Latrice Jalissa Parnell and Effrum Girod Webber II.

Mario Jeovany Del Cid Amaya and Lorena D Quinteros Ramos.

Sharon Turner Ebahi and Tyrone Laroyce Levingston.

Adrian Fajardo and Denisse Analhy Soto Del Angel.

Steven Matthew Rondeno and Dominique Denyse Slade.

Jose Manuel Nicieza Ydarraga and Romina Myrtaj.

Junjie Huang and Xi Mao.

Azucena Aguillon and William Ulises Benavides-Granados.

Amy Cheri Balog and Paul Michael Recktenwall.

Jessica Marie Perales and Coleman King III.

Darnell Lamont Fuller and Ayesha Sana Porter.

Mohamed Elyoa and Mariam Bouzo.

Arthur Ray Burrell II and Kendra Hawthorne.

Nathaniel A Beebe and Vanessa Bogani Giulianna.

Kyle Bryan Bienek and Megan Irene Beames.

Bridney James Osaigbovo and John N/A Osaigbovo.

Weslin Sanchez and Sandra Romero.

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