Lamar Consolidated ISD could present a bond worth over $762 million, which includes construction for a new high school, a junior high school and three elementary schools and a new football stadium.

The LCISD board of trustees heard an initial report of a possible 2020 bond from the district’s bond planning committee, which presented its proposal to the board at Thursday’s board meeting.

The district’s sixth high school is the most expensive item in the bond, priced at over $161.1 million. The construction of three new elementary schools are priced at $99.4 million, while the cost of a new stadium was quoted at $82.7 million.

The school board will take the committee’s proposal and come up with their own proposal, which has to be done by August to be put on the ballot for November’s election.

The bond adds over $65.3 million towards interior improvements to existing facilities, along with $49.5 million to exterior improvements. It also adds $63.4 million in technology upgrades, including new laptops and tablets.

Also included in the committee’s bond proposal for a new junior high school ($77.2 million), a middle school ($34.7 million), and land purchases for the new schools, priced at $31 million. Practice pools for Terry High School and Randle High School are also added, along with a new bus terminal and a police station for the newly created LCISD police department.

Bond committee member Shannan Stavinoha made her presentation to the board, saying that the bond committee removed some projects from the bond that ballooned the initial bond proposal to over $876 million.

The biggest item removed from the bond was the construction of an events center for the district to hold indoor events such as athletic games and graduation ceremonies. But the committee decided it would be better to work with other entities to get the center built.

“The committee felt that there was an opportunity for a public-private partnership,” Stavinoha said. “There was an opportunity for Fort Bend County to take on this type of convention event center that may be better suited for us that we would still have that opportunity to use.”

Other items removed from the bond by the committee were orchestra rooms for some schools (totaled at $12.7 million) and $4 million to purchase land for the event center.

Stavinoha also said that the committee added a few items into the proposal, including a new library at Travis Elementary School ($2.7 million), upgrades to the football fields at Lamar and George junior high schools ($2.5 million) and additional classrooms at 1621 Place ($2 million).

“At the end of the day, this board will determine what is in the bond and when the bond is called,” Supt. Dr. Thomas Randle said. “And that will be an appropriate time for the board to have a meeting where we can walk through, if necessary, item by item.”

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