Lauren Martin

Hello Laid-back Gardeners. Monday the 20th will be our Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere. This is when the sun sits directly over the equator and begins its northward journey. From our perspective, this means the southern hemisphere is heading into their fall/winter season.

It is also our first Spring full moon. Enjoy the little tidbit. This time of year, is also azalea blooming season.

There are about 60 different azalea species and about 7,000 different varieties. So, there is plenty for you to choose from for your area. There is so much information out there on azaleas that I do not have room in this article to touch base on them.

Many bloom early, mid-to-late season or almost all year. I’ll touch base on how to best care for them, in general, once you have made your decision.

With proper care azaleas can live for decades. Generally, azaleas prefer partial sun or filtered shade beneath tall trees, think the east or north side of your house.

They need acidic, well-drained, organically enriched soil, neither too dry nor too wet.

Rose soil mixed with compost is a good start.

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