September fall was in the air and in the theme of the decorations and food as Cathy Madrone opened her home to the members of the Garden Club of Richmond. Assisting her in the first meeting of the 2022-23 year were co-hostesses Emily Scherer, Keely Knipling, Cindy Bass, and Lynn Hewitt.

In her first order of business, club president Courtney Raska welcomed all members to the 87th year of the organization’s existence. She asked officers and committee chairman to give their reports. Participation from the members was requested for numerous activities for the year.

An October workshop to plant pansies in the garden takes place at the Moore Home. The yearly caladium bulb fundraiser is beginning. A new family owned supplier will furnish the same #1 grade of bulbs. The bulbs offered will be Red Flash, Candidium, Carol Whorton, Fanny Munson, FM Joyner, and White Christmas. There is a slight increase in the cost of the bulbs this year. Order forms will be given to previous purchasers but the committee welcomes new names and referrals. Volunteers were requested for the first club summer tour of their caladium gardens to see the beauty they bring to the community.

A spring pilgrimage to Nashville is planned for the last week of March 2023. Further details will come through the year.

The program for the October meeting will be given by Jerry Jones with the city of Richmond.

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