When it comes to holding city-sponsored events, Rosenberg Mayor Bill Benton said he doesn’t want to rely on renting tents.

So at Tuesday’s Rosenberg City Council meeting, Benton proposed that the city purchase two 20-by-40-foot tents. After hearing what Benton had to say, the rest of council concurred.

“The city is at the mercy of the county to borrow tents at any of our city events,” Benton explained. “Right now, those tents are tied up at COVID testing. The county has them.

“(Parks and Recreation Director) Darren (McCarthy) said last week the tents were not available (for the Family Fourth Celebration).

“Translation: heat stroke. The city at some point should own their own tents.”

Council member Steven DeGregorio agreed, saying that the city would save money long-term by purchasing heavy-duty tents.

According to city staff, tents would be used for city-sponsored events like the Family Fourth Celebration, Rosenberg Christmas Nights and National Night Out.

“I’m in favor of buying two 20-by-40-foot tents, but I don’t want to go cheap on them,” council member Kevin Raines said. “We can get long-term use on them if we go quality.”

Council member Tim Anders said he wanted to see tent prices before agreeing to purchase them.

Council member Jacob Balderas pulled up the webiste the Rosenberg Development Corp. used to purchase its 20-by-40-foot tents, noting that the prices wouldn’t exceed $7,000.

Balderas then made a motion to approve the purchase of two 20-by-40-foot tents, not to exceed $9,000.

The motion was seconded by DeGregorio and passed unanimously.

Assistant City Manager Joyce Vasut said she would bring this item back with a budget adjustment.

The next council meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on June 16 at City Hall, located at 2110 Fourth St.

Citizens wishing to speak to the council must sign up before the meeting begins.

Citizens will be allowed to attend council meetings, but must first be screened for symptoms associated with COVID-19, including a temperature check; and must wear a protective mask while in Rosenberg City Hall.

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