At the recent membership meeting of the Fort Bend County Czech Heritage Society, Historian Glenn McDonald spoke of Josef Ludvik Ressel, a true Czech treasure who is considered the inventor of both a ship’s propeller and a steamship. Glenn also exhibited the certificates from the mayors of Needville and Rosenberg proclaiming October as Czech Heritage Month with President Linda Pavlicek accepting the certificate on behalf of the chapter.

The membership was extremely delighted to have as our guest speaker Miss Texas Czech-Slovak Queen Madison Murphy who was wearing a full kroj. A kroj is a traditional costume of Czechs and Slovaks. Madison was accompanied by her mother Anita from their hometown of Abbott.

Madison was chosen to represent the McClennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society at the Texas pageant in April where she was crowned queen for 2021.

She was inspired to run by the 2019 Texas Queen Lydia Pustejovsky and by her cousin Lauren Gerik, the 2020 Texas Queen and newly crowned Miss Czech-Slovak US. Lydia and Lauren were also chosen by the McClennan-Hill Czech Heritage Society to run for queen in the Texas pageant.

While telling us of her extremely active school life, Madison mentioned other activities including working part-time at the local Sokol, quilting, and sewing.

For her own use she has sewn four kroj costumes.

She then described some recent events she attended as the reigning Miss Texas Czech-Slovak.

They included visiting different Czech events in Texas and Oklahoma. At the recent West Fest in the town of West, she thoroughly enjoyed being an ambassador.

Madison also attended the national pageant in Wilbur, Nebraska, Miss Czech-Slovak US where she saw her cousin Lauren Gerik win the US pageant.

Madison was pleased to see so many people wearing folk costumes around Wilbur during the time of the pageant.

Everyone is welcome to join us at our meetings, you don’t have to be Czech!

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