2021 LCHS Auto Fest

Eric and Laurie Barnes of Richmond (they live in Bridlewood) entered this restored 1969 Corvette in the annual LCHS Auto Fest this Saturday. Barnes said he purchased the vehicle in March 2020 for $22,500 and has spent an additional $25,000 restoring it to showroom condition. Mind you, this baby doesn’t sit parked between shows. Like Mike Van Note, Eric and his wife tool around town in this classic day-to-day. “It’s garage-kept, but it doesn’t sit in a garage all the time. I restored it to drive it.” By the way, this is the first time Barnes has entered his “dream car” in an auto show. The restoration project included a whole new interior (beautiful two-tone red leather seats and dash) and restored engine. Also the manual steering and brakes were replaced with state-of-the-art rack-and-pinion steering and hydraulic-assisted brakes. And guess what? Eric is not a professional mechanic. He is a computer engineer who spends his day in an office. “The way I figure it is, if you spend your whole day in front of a computer, you need to do the exact opposite when you’re off.” Also worth noting: Eric is a “Jeep guy.” He likes working on Jeeps and driving off-road. But when a buddy in his Jeep Club showed off this Corvette once, Eric said he wanted to buy it if it ever became available.

“I like Jeeps. I own Jeeps. I enjoy driving off road and working on my Jeep, but when I saw this beauty I told him if you ever decide to sell it, let me know,”

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