For the last seven years, the Rosenberg Police Department has been lucky enough to provide for a full-time crime victim advocacy program.

Once again, Rosenberg City Council members must decide whether to approve grant funding for the Victim of Crime Act for the crime victim liaison.

In 2013, the city applied for and received grant funding under the VOCA to provide for a full-time crime victim advocate. According to city staff, this grant application will continue to fund the position by providing 80% funding with a 20% match from the city.

This grant request, amounting to $85,730, would include benefits, equipment and training. If awarded, this one-year grant would begin in October.

The crime victim liaison focuses around crisis and protective order assistance, city staff noted.

The continuation of the grant fund would allow the liaison to continue providing emergency services to victims. City staff said this includes phone and in-person support for medical, law enforcement, legal, shelter, transportation needs, as well as assistance with filing crime victim compensation applications.

The liaison also provides assistance to victims in completing and applying for protective orders.

This item was placed on the consent agenda, meaning it will not be discussed in open session.

In other business, council members will consider installing a speed hump on Georgina Street between Avenue L and Avenue J.

According to city policy, at least 65 percent of the property owners/residents must be in support of the change in order to proceed with the installation.

There are 18 residential homes and multi-family residential units located along Georgina Street.

Fourteen of the homeowners stated they are in support of the speed hump installation, while four did not respond, or provide a definitive answer, city staff added.

This equates to approximately 78% of the residents being in support.

If approved, the speed humps will cost the city $1,600.

The Zoom teleconference meeting is slated to begin at 6:30 p.m.

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