A proposed municipal utility district located on the outskirts of Rosenberg could be created in the near future, but some Rosenberg City Council members aren’t sure about the developer’s vision.

At Tuesday’s regular Rosenberg City Council meeting, council members voted to table discussion regarding MUD 231.

This item was brought to council in January, but no action was taken then either.

The MUD would consist of more than 400 acres in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, located off Wernecke Road between FM 360 and Meyer Road, south of Beasley.

According to Community Development Director Travis Tanner, the developers are requesting a reduced street right-of-way width from 60 feet to 50 feet, a reduced pavement width from 30 feet to 27 feet and 40-foot single-family residential lots as opposed to the city standard 60-foot lots.

“My only concern with the lot size has to do with the (street width), if you have enough room to park cars,” Mayor Bill Benton said.

“If you have smaller lots, you’re going to have less frontage for vehicles. We can look at (adding) no parking on the streets, wider driveways or wider streets.”

Council member Isaac Davila said he was totally against the proposed MUD.

“I don’t like the lot size they’re proposing,” Davila said. “I’m definitely not for this.”

Benton asked if Davila would feel comfortable tabling the item until council received feedback about widening the streets.

“I don’t need to table this,” Davila responded. “They want to build 40-foot lots. I’m going to go against it.”

If the MUD was so far away from the city limits, why would it matter what the developer does, council member Tim Anders asked.

“First of all, this is all the way over by Beasley,” council member Jacob Balderas reminded council. “It’s basically in Beasley. I don’t really see why so many people are upset by the lot size.

“I’m in favor of it. It’s their property.”

Benton said he didn’t agree with Balderas’ thought process.

“I would rather look at this a little more and see if we can work something out with these folks,” Benton said.

“One of these days, this (MUD) will be in the city. That’s why we have standards that apply to the ETJ.”

Balderas said the development would sooner be annexed into Beasley than it would be in Rosenberg.

“We should just get it over with and let them do it,” council member Richard Olson countered. “Like Jacob said, it’s right on the doorsteps of Beasley. It’s not anywhere near Rosenberg.”

Benton made a motion to table this item. The motion was seconded by Davila.

Balderas and Olson voted against the motion, but it carried 3-2, with Anders also in favor of tabling the item.

Council members Kevin Raines and Steven DeGregorio were not present for Tuesday’s Zoom teleconference meeting.

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