The Rosenberg Development Corp. is one step closer to having its own building. But not everyone on the board is, well, on board for the build.

At Wednesday’s RDC meeting, board members in a split voted selected a construction firm for a building to house the development corporation activities and personnel.

The contract was awarded to low bidder Bass Construction Co., amounting to $927,000. The contracted term will last 180 calendar days.

In 2019, Rosenberg City Council members entered into an agreement with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for a land use agreement to free up the site for the proposed RDC building. The projected site is adjacent to the Rosenberg Civic and Convention Center, located at 3825 SH 36.

The RDC board has been holding its meetings in the civic center.

In order for the RDC building to be constructed adjacent to the civic center, it was necessary for staff to negotiate with the state wildlife agency to release the area from the restricted use of parkland only.

Texas Parks and Wildlife criteria requires the replacement land adjacent to Riverbend Park be of equal or greater value than the land being removed from parkland.

Thus, city staff negotiated to remove the parkland dedication restriction from 1.867 acres near the civic center and to substitute 5.1 acres adjacent to Riverbend Park in its place.

Board member Herb Phelan said there’s not an inherent need to build an RDC building at this time.

“We’re in violation of Texas Parks and Wildlife (by meeting at the Civic Center),” board member John Herne replied. “Regardless if we build this or not, we need to move.”

Board members Teresa Bailey, Kevin Raines and Ted Garcia agreed.

“We are out of compliance,” Garcia said. “I’m a law-abiding citizen. I don’t like breaking the law.”

Board member and Rosenberg city councilman Jacob Balderas said constructing a $1 million building is overkill for a department with three employees.

“It’s not about waiting until we fit somewhere,” Garcia responded. “We are out of compliance.”

Herne made a motion to move forward with the construction plans. The motion was seconded by Bailey.

Phelan, Balderas and board member and councilman Richard Olson voted against the motion, but the motion carried 4-3.

The next RDC meeting will be held June 3 at 5:30 p.m.

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